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Kings Island closes Son of Beast

Son of Beast roller coaster

The Son of Beast wooden rollercoaster at Kings Island in Ohio has been shut after a woman claimed to have suffered a head injury while riding it.

The ride will remain closed while the state investigates the cause of the incident, and park engineers are poring over the ride looking for possible faults. There is currently no planned date for the ride to reopen.

In 2006 twelve people were injured on the ride when a broken support beam caused it come to a juddering halt in the station. The park invested significantly in repairs and upgrades before the ride eventually reopened, including removing a loop and replacing the coaster cars with lighter ones.

Nevertheless the ride continues to divide opinion, with some enjoying the "extreme" ride that it gives (typical of many wooden coasters), while others claim that it is too physically painful to be enjoyable.

You can keep up to date with the latest confirmed and rumored temporary ride closures through Theme Park Tourist's "Rehab Watch" pages.

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It can definitely be quite painful on some rides particularly if you have a long back or broad shoulders!
Hopefully they would get it sorted!!!!
Thanks TPT!!!

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