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Courthouse Square returns at Universal Studios Hollywood

Courthouse Square image. Image © 2009 Universal Studios Hollywood

The famous Courthouse Square set from the Back to the Future movies will rejoin Universal Studios Hollywood's backlot tour from June 18.

Screamscape reports that passholders have been sent invites to a celebration reopening event on the morning of the 18th. It's not yet clear whether other sets, such as the New York Street set, will reopen on the same day but this seems likely as Universal has previously suggested that the sets will reopen in mid-summer.

The Courthouse Square area was badly damaged during a fire last June, which also destroyed a number of other sets that form part of the park's Studio Tour attraction. Since then trams have passed nearby the damaged areas, but guests have not been able to pass directly through them during repair work.

In addition to Courthouse Square, Universal has promised that Brownstone Street and New York Street will both return. A "4D" King Kong soundstage will replace the previous Kong soundstage that was burnt to the ground in the fire, while new sets will include a London street and a "modern urban cityscape".

As well as being part of the attraction, the backlot areas are also working film sets. Since the destruction last year of many of the sets, the tour has been running in a shortened format - although it still features a large number of working film sets and staged events such as an encounter with the mechanized shark from "Jaws".

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I am so pleased to hear that courthouse square is back!!! I can't wait to go back and see it one day!!!!!
Thanks TPT!!!!!

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