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Universal Orlando reveals Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit details

Rockit logo. Image © 2009 Universal Orlando Resort. All Rights Reserved.

Universal Studios Orlando has finally revealed in-depth details of its Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit rollercoaster.

The new coaster is due to open in July, although as reported on TPT this week Universal faces a challenge to meet that date due to adjustments being made to the ride's lift hill. The details revealed by Universal suggest that it will be one of the most technologically advanced rides in the world when it does finally open.

The key innovations on the Rockit are focussed on the ride vehicle itself, which features an on-board, "iPod-style" sound system allowing guests to pick from five genres of music to make their individual soundtrack for each ride. The vehicles also feature a new lapbar in place of the overhead restraint systems used in most coasters, allowing more freedom of movement.

Other features detailed by Universal include:

  • Stadium-style seating - to allow all riders an unobstructed view.
  • Intricate maneuvers - the short wheelbase of the coaster cars will allow for very tight turns.
  • Audio - The on-board speakers will pump out music at 90 decibels, but guests won't hear the songs playing for other riders.
  • Ride videos - thanks to 14 cameras (including 6 on the ride vehicle itself), guests will be able to purchase individual ride videos synchronised to their own personal soundtrack.
  • Lighting - daytime LED light shows on the ride vehicle will entertain guests below.
  • Rapid loading - the ride's loading platform is a conveyor-belt, meaning the ride itself never actually stops.

Universal's promotional video for the Rockit is embedded below, showing a virtual mock-up of the ride in action. For full details on the ride's features, head over to Universal Orlando's official Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit site.

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