Officials at Orlando International Airport are advising people not to travel to Florida if they are unwell.

The Transportation Security Administration will screen passengers from affected areas (Mexico and other US states where infection has been found) for signs of the virus. Anyone with flu-like symptoms will be required to fill out a card providing details of their situation. Those showing symptoms onboard a flight will be issued with a respiratory mask to protect other travellers.

The exact impact of the current Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico is still unclear (with cases now being reported in the US, Canada, France, Spain, New Zealand and the UK). However, it seems very possible that Florida will be impacted given the high dependence of the local economy on tourism.

With the current level of coverage of the outbreak it is still extremely difficult to tell what the real impact will be and what is just media hype. Theme Park Tourist will do our best to keep you updated on the latest travel advice to theme park hotspots such as Florida and California as the situation unfolds, and to avoid unnecessary scaremongering.

For more information on travelling (which should become available over the next few days), visit:



We are travelling to Florida for our honeymoon in August. I really hope we can still go!!!!!!!
Will be checking for updates every day!!1
Thanks for keeping us posted TPT!!!!

Don't worry too much. There's currently no reason for a healthy person not to travel to Florida.

It's still very early days with the outbreak and the WHO is advising against travel bans. Plus, flu is much less likely to spread during the summer months.

We'll have to wait to see what the reality is and what is just media hype.

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