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Record-breaking coaster to open at Flamingo Land in July

Flamingo Land has announced that the £4 million Mumbo Jumbo rollercoaster will open in early July, featuring the steepest drop in the world.

The park (based in North Yorkshire, England) says the coaster will feature a 96 foot, 112 degree drop. The record-breaking nature of the drop will be confirmed by Guinness World Records, who will open the ride.

As usual with major new rides, TPT recommends that visitors hoping to ride Mumbo Jumbo arrive early and rush straight to it to avoid waiting in long lines.

The new coaster will be based in the Lost Kingdom area of the park, and feature "tribal" theming. The Tidal Wave ride has been removed to free up the required space.

You can keep up-to-date on confirmed and rumored opening dates for new attractions over at Theme Park Tourist's "New Attraction Watch".

Have you been to Flamingo Land recently and seen the construction site? How is Mumbo Jumbo looking? Let us know in the comments section below.

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This ride sounds amazing!! I will have to try and check out the park so I can write a ride review for you!!!
I love you TPT!!!!!

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