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Alton Towers hit by power outage

A major power outage caused many of the most popular rides at Alton Towers to shut down on April 26, stranding some riders for over an hour.

Failsafe mechanisms in the affected rides ensured that guests were not in danger, but on both the Monorail and the Sky Ride guests were unable to disembark until power was restored. Other affected rides included Nemesis, Air, Ripsaw, Duel, the Runaway Mine Train and Congo River Rapids.

To compensate guests, the park extended its opening hours for the day by an hour - closing at 7pm rather than the planned 6pm. The power cut is not the first to hit Alton Towers, and is likely to be an isolated incident - but TPT will advise readers if there any longer term impacts.

Were you at Alton Towers this Saturday? How well do you think the park handled the power cut? Let us know in the comments section below.

There are 2 comments.

I really hope that doesn't happen when I go in June!!!
Thanks for the info TPT!!!!!

I was at the park when it happened, two hours half the park was frozen. Thankfully we packed our own food as we took advantage of the power cut to have dinner but the food outlets couldn't serve food as the tills wouldn't open. The other half of the park remained running oblivious to the power cut at first. Many peoplewent for a refund and the park was kept opennlonger. When the affected area reopened everyone rushed to go on nemesis and air.

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