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Diamondback opens at Kings Island

The $22 million Diamondback rollercoaster has opened to the public at Kings Island in Ohio.

The long-awaited ride opened on April 18, at the start of the park's new season. The new coaster is sure to draw large crowds (and long lines) for the rest of the season. As always with new attractions, TPT advises readers planning on riding Diamondback to arrive early at the park and rush straight to the new coaster.

Diamondback is a steel coaster featuring a 215ft drop and a top speed of some 80mph. It also features a final "splashdown", with scoops alongside the track sending water shooting high up into the air - although riders shouldn't expect to get too wet. To see the coaster in action, watch the embedded video below.

Kings Island will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from now through May 17, and then every day from May 22 through August 30.

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