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Saw: The Ride turns into real-life horror show

Thorpe Park's new headline attraction, Saw: The Ride, has suffered serious issues in its first few days of operation.

The ride, based on the ultra-violent "Saw" movies, was closed for most of last weekend due to technical glitches. This follows its disastrous media day, when it broke down, trapping riders for 15 minutes. Thrill-seekers hoping to catch an early ride on the new rollercoaster may wish to wait a few weeks to see if the problems can be ironed out.

Despite the issues, Saw: The Ride is likely to prove a major draw for Thorpe Park this season. As well as its unorthodox, big-brand theming, it also features a 100 foot, 100 degree drop.

The break-down on the ride's opening day occurred at an event attended by dozens of celebrities. One woman suffered a panic attack during the incident.

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