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The Sun offers free Alton Towers tickets

UK newspaper The Sun is repeating last year's offer of 2 free adult tickets to Alton Towers.

Readers need to collect 7 (differently numbered) tokens, with one being printed in the newspaper every day from Saturday February 28th to Wednesday March 11th. Tickets are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. All applications must be received by March 18th.

As with last years offer, the tickets must be used on a specific date. Tickets are available right through the season (Saturday March 28th to Sunday November 1st), and applicants must list 5 date bands in order of preference - so there is no guarantee of getting tickets for a specific date.

New for this year is the ability to claim two children's tickets for £9.50 each (the standard children's price is £27 each), giving a total cost for a family of four of just £19.

TPT advises that readers should get their applications in as soon as possible in order to receive tickets in the date range they want. Those who applied last year should have been posted a token already so can potentially apply ahead of the rest.

For those who miss out, or get tickets for a date that is not suitable, there are plenty of other ways of saving money on Alton Towers tickets (using Tesco Clubcard points, for instance). TPT will be launching a new "special offer tracker" in the near future to help you find the best deals.

For full details of the Sun's offer, hit the "source" link below.

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