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    New Spinning Seats Added To Mack Rides Coaster

    Many roller coaster enthusiasts will be aware of Mack Rides, a German company that designs and constructs roller coasters, dark rides, flat rides and log flumes. It is a family owned company which also owns the popular Europa-Park, located in Rust in South-west Germany.

    Mack rides has developed an official enhancement which adds spinning seats onto existing Mack Rides Coasters. This development has been officially named “HybridTrain” and Mack Rides have been testing them on the Blue Fire Megacoaster at Europa Park.

    As you can see from the video which has been embedded above, currently these spinning “HybridTrain” seats are situated on the back row of the coaster. There are two seats next to each other which appear to move freely, fitting with the movement of the coaster. It certainly looks like a thrilling ride. 

    The first new coaster that will be fitted with the “HybridTrain” seats will be the new launch coaster coming to Dreamworld Australia in 2021. Again, the spinning seats will be used for the last car on the train.

    We are assuming that if these new “HybridTrain” seats prove popular there will be nothing stopping Mack Rides creating a rollercoaster with a complete train with these special spinning seats, rather than just the back row.

    We are very excited about this amazing concept, let us know what you think about the new “HybridTrain” spinning seats by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook Page.