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    New Details About Universal Monsters Land Revealed Thanks to New Trademarks

    Anticipation is high for the new Universal Monsters land at Universal Epic Universe as this upcoming area will finally give iconic characters like Dracula, Wolf-Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein and more a permanent place to call home.

    Like much of Universal Epic Universe, this land has not been officially announced or confirmed. But thanks to leaked information and concept art, we know quite a bit about this new land, including some new information about what guests will be able to experience at one of this land’s most interesting-sounding eateries!

    Welcome to the Burning Blade Tavern

    Right on the edge of The Village of Darkmoor (the rumored name for the Universal Monsters land) will be a small watering hole and eatery, which is now believed to be named The Burning Blade Tavern. According to permits, this establishment will be pretty cozy, seating just 64. This small size also implies that this will primarily be a watering hole, with premium drinks and perhaps some light bites available, not unlike the Hog’s Head Tavern at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

    As you might expect from the name, the restaurant is expected to have a flaming windmill effect outside, as permits show gas lines leading to an exterior structure. This structure is likely meant to look like the windmill from the Frankenstein movie, which will periodically burst into flames, just like in the film.

    This restaurant will certainly turn heads when it opens due to its exciting flame effect outside, but it won’t be the only restaurant inside The Village of Darkmoor.

    Grab a bloody bite at the “Stake” house

    The flagship restaurant inside this new land, looks to be a punny quick-service eatery known cheerfully as the “Stake” house. This 362-seat restaurant is expected to be an upscale quick-service location, similar to The Leaky Cauldron at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The restaurant will be themed to Dracula, with large gothic candle chandeliers recalling the famous Vampire’s manor, and crossbows hanging on the wall in a nod to famous vampire hunter Van Helsing. 

    Like other upscale quick service locations, guests who enter The Stake House will be able to walk directly up to the counter, make their selections and then find a place to sit while their order is prepared. A server will then bring their order directly to them, eliminating long queue lines and waits at the counter while food is being prepared. 

    Though the most exciting part of this new land will undoubtedly be its Curse of the Werewolf roller coaster and Frankenstein-themed dark ride attractions. However, it seems like hungry horror fans (especially those who miss the Monsters Cafe at Universal Studios) will have a lot to look forward to in this new land at Universal Epic Universe. Hopefully Universal officially confirms this land soon so we can learn even more details about what to expect from this hotly-anticipated new land, including what might be on the menu at these exciting-sounding new restaurants!