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New “Avatar-based Land” Is Confirmed For Disneyland, What Can We Expect?

It was announced by Bob Iger at the Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media and Telecom conference on Monday 4 March that a new Avatar land is coming to California, “We have one Avatar-based land, Pandora, in Florida. We’re going to put a second one in California.”

Now this has caused quite a stir amongst Disney fans in the last couple of days. Back in February 2023, Disney confirmed that a new avatar theme park “experience” was coming soon however with this recent news, it now transpires that rather than the once expected “experience”, Disneyland Resort will be getting a whole Avatar based land.


Back in November, we summarised all we knew and didn’t know about this new Avatar experience including that it was expected to be as immersive as Pandora and to be located in Disney’s California Adventure as was rumored at the IAAPA conference in Orlando.

We now know that rather than it being what was originally thought to be a standalone experience, we are promised an “Avatar-based land”. But what can we expect? Will we see a clone of the hugely popular Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey? We hope Disney will be more creative than this and will develop an all-new headlining attraction perhaps based on the second film, The Way of Water. 

Iger confirmed that Disney has the ability to increase the size of Disneyland in California by 50%. In an article posted to Orange County Register, Disneyland president Ken Potrock, said “Our Imagineers are working with Jim Cameron and his team,”

With the release of the third Avatar film expected in late 2025, the Avatar franchise which first burst onto the scene in 2009 is certainly still going strong especially after the success of the second Avatar film, Avatar The Way Of Water which was released in 2022. We look forward to hearing further details regarding this new “Avatar-based land” coming to Disneyland as we head through 2024.


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