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Opening Dates for New Rides at US Theme Parks in 2019, 2020 and Beyond

Listed below are confirmed and rumored opening dates for new rides at US Theme Parks, as well as upcoming shows and other attractions.

Please contact the park concerned for official details of attraction opening dates.

New ride opening dates by park
Busch Gardens Tampa:
Attraction Opening date Status
Tigris Apr 19, 2019 Confirmed
Hybrid Coaster Apr 1, 2020 Date not confirmed
Busch Gardens Williamsburg:
Attraction Opening date Status
Finnegan's Flyer May 4, 2019 Confirmed
Disney's Hollywood Studios:
Attraction Opening date Status
Wonderful World of Animation May 1, 2019 Confirmed
Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run Aug 29, 2019 Confirmed
Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway Apr 1, 2020 Date not confirmed
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Apr 4, 2020 Date not confirmed
Disney's Magic Kingdom:
Attraction Opening date Status
Jungle Cruise May 1, 2019 Confirmed
Tron Lightcycle Power Run May 1, 2021 Date not confirmed
Attraction Opening date Status
Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4 Sneak Peak May 24, 2019 Confirmed
Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run May 31, 2019 Confirmed
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Aug 31, 2019 Date not confirmed
Attraction Opening date Status
Black Bear Trail May 10, 2019 Confirmed
Dragonflier May 10, 2019 Confirmed
Frogs and Fireflies May 10, 2019 Confirmed
Hidden Hollow May 10, 2019 Confirmed
The Mad Mockingbird May 10, 2019 Confirmed
Treetop Tower May 10, 2019 Confirmed
Wildwood Tree and Creek May 10, 2019 Confirmed
Attraction Opening date Status
The Odyssey "Experience Center" Sep 1, 2019 Date not confirmed
Epcot Forever Oct 1, 2019 Confirmed
Awesome Planet Oct 5, 2019 Date not confirmed
O Canada update film Oct 5, 2019 Date not confirmed
Reflections of China update Nov 1, 2019 Date not confirmed
Ratatouille May 15, 2020 Date not confirmed


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