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    Nemesis Reborn Is Now OPEN At Alton Towers, Do You Dare To Ride?

    UPDATE March 17 – It is now official, after 16 months of being closed since November 2022, Nemesis Reborn is now open at Alton Towers.

    Theme Park Worldwide were there at the reopening yesterday (March 16th) and have released a video showing a detailed look at all aspects of the new ride including the queue line, station, track and surrounding area in Forbidden Valley. Members of the Phalanx are checking out guests with metal detectors and protestors are outside the ride with placards.

    It is clear that Alton Towers has considerably enhanced the theming of Nemesis Reborn with pieces of track being added to the queue line and the moving eye on the station is particularly impressive as can be seen in the video embedded above at timestamp 21:05. We can also see the animatronic moving teeth surrounding the eye.

    The atmosphere appeared to be incredible on the opening day with hugely long queues as expected and so far it seems as if Nemesis Reborn is impressing all who ride it.

    March 16 – So, the day has finally dawned! Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers officially opens today on the first day of the 2024 season and to say that fans are excited would be a serious understatement.

    The hype around the opening of Nemesis Reborn has reached epic proportions which was fueled further yesterday when Alton Towers released a new advert which is embedded below. 

    In other news from Alton Towers, the resort confirmed on its official website that the “Skyride will remain closed in 2024 as undergoes a multimillion-pound investment to ensure its future longevity at the theme park. Further updates will be provided in due course.”

    In positive news, we are set to see HEX: The Legend of the Towers open later this year following significant investment to take this “twisted tale to the next level!”

    We are extremely excited to hear all the news from the opening day and reactions to this highly anticipated reimagining and can’t wait to ride it this summer.  

    March 14 – Anybody who has got any interest in the newly re-tracked roller coaster, Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers is going to want to see this recently released drone footage.

    The video which was released this week by Alton Towers gives us an extensive view of every part of the new Nemesis Reborn roller coaster which is officially opening at the park on Saturday 16th March. It is set to be an extremely exciting day and we can’t wait to give you fan feedback on their first reactions.

    March 9 – With only 1 week to go until Nemesis Reborn officially opens at Alton Towers on Saturday 16th March we get to see further testing taking place and the finishing touches being put into place.

    Theme Park Worldwide has just posted their final construction update to YouTube which shows us footage from the perimeter of the park where we see Nemesis Reborn continuing to test as well as details of the station and further theming which have been added.

    We see that red tentacles have been added to a lot of the rock work and we are very excited to see the changes which have been made inside Forbidden Valley when Alton Towers reopens on 16th March. Alton Towers has also released a time lapse video showing the complete transformation of Nemesis into Nemesis Reborn which is embedded below.

    February 26 – Alton Towers has now confirmed the official opening date for Nemesis Reborn as Saturday March 16 which is the first day of the 2024 season.

    The recently released teaser video is embedded below and contains the original Nemesis iconic music which will be used for Nemesis Reborn. As testing continues we are very excited to see guests reactions to the reopening of Nemesis on Saturday March 16.

    Are you looking forward to riding Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers when it officially opens on Saturday March 16? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

    January 29 – Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers continues to test as we head through January which is a very good sign for fans for a March opening. At the time of writing, we still await confirmation from Alton Towers of the official opening date which is expected to be in March.

    According to a new video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Enthusiast we get to see further footage of Nemesis Reborn testing. We can also see that the queue line is being worked on and there have been additional speakers and lighting poles installed. 

    As you can see in the video embedded above, there has also been a container added to the queue line which is assumed to be for a kiosk selling drinks and snacks. In keeping with the theme, one side has a large hole in it as if it has been attacked by the monster.

    The other big news is that Alton Towers has confirmed that on Saturday March 16th, 23rd and 30th the park will close later than usual at 8pm. This is being advertised on social media as a new experience where you can “get ready to experience your favourite rides under the stars.” This has caused a lot of excitement among Alton Towers fans and further gives us hope of an opening of Nemesis Reborn at the start of the 2024 season as currently 6 hour queues are being predicted! 

    We will bring you details of the official opening date for Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers as soon as it is confirmed.

    January 20 – It is official, Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers has been seen testing. This is very exciting news for Alton Towers fans.

    In the new video posted to YouTube by Digital Dan we get to see the iconic scenes once more of Nemesis Reborn gliding around the new track. 

    We now just await confirmation of the official opening date for Nemesis Reborn which we expect to be at the start of the season on Saturday March 16, 2024.

    January 9 – Very exciting news came yesterday for UK theme park fans as Alton Towers released a new advert on their social media channels for “Nemesis Reborn” which is set to open at the start of the 2024 season in March.

    We can see the return of the original 1994 logo with the added Reborn which looks amazing in the red and black colours. We see the updated station which appears to include an animated eye. The iconic soundtrack will remain as heard in the advert.

    We expect Nemesis Reborn to open at the start of the 2024 which will be Saturday March 16th but we still await official confirmation from Alton Towers on this. The new advert just says “coming soon”. Testing on Nemesis Reborn is expected to begin imminently and we will keep you posted on the developments on this here at Theme Park Tourist.

    December 31 – We now have confirmation that the first day of the 2024 Alton Towers season will be Saturday March 16th. Whilst we expect Nemesis to be open on March 16th, this has not been officially confirmed as of yet.

    In a new video construction update posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide we get to see the latest developments from December 29. We still await exact confirmation of the layout of the queue line for Nemesis when it opens but what is becoming clearer is the potential layout of the new queue line as seen in the video.

    The old queue line has been changed with all of the old wooden fences having been removed. New pathways have been laid underneath the lift hill and round the first drop. Speakers have been added to the queue line. It also looks like the queue will go around the stall area.

    Black queue line fencing is now going into place. The queue looks like it will be routed around the top area of Nemesis which has not been the case for a number of years. This will certainly give guests great views of Nemesis as they wait to ride.

    Aerial images are included in the new video construction update posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide where we get to see the track, station building and the recently placed helicopter at the top of the stall turn.

    The iconic red waterfalls were switched off due to environmental issues so although it would be brilliant to see this feature return we think this is unlikely. However, waterfalls may still be installed just without the red dye.

    If we focus on the Station building we can see that spikes have now appeared on top of the legs of the monster. Painting has also been taking place on the legs

    Work is also happening on what will be the new Nemesis shop where an extension is planned. We will continue to update you with further progress being made to the queue line as we head towards the highly anticipated opening date for Nemesis.

     December 27 – If you ask any UK theme park fan there will likely be two things on their “To Do” list for 2024. One will be to ride Hyperia at Thorpe Park when it opens this spring as it will take the crown from The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as the new tallest roller coaster in the UK standing at 236ft above sea level.

    The other will undoubtedly be to ride the reopened Nemesis at Alton Towers. Nemesis closed at the end of the 2022 season for a total retracking and is set to open at the start of the 2024 season. We have been following the progress very closely during the year. In an exciting video posted recently to YouTube by Digital Dan we get to see new theming on Nemesis.

    As you can see from the video there appears to have been the addition of a helicopter  and tentacles seem to encase the queue entry. There has been further work done on the station and we are still awaiting to hear if there will be a change to the name although we certainly expect “Nemesis” to remain. Digital Dan suggests in the video “Nemesis Reborn” as a possible but we still await confirmation on this.

    November 11 – It has been 12 months since the old Nemesis track began to be removed at Alton Towers and this week we saw the final pieces of the new track being installed at Alton Towers.

    Although the park is now closed, a video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide shows the last pieces of track now in place for the iconic Nemesis which appears to still be on schedule to reopen in March 2024.

    Work is still taking place on the Nemesis monster which stands as the station building as well as the queue line. Although the new trains are on site and are being stored in the maintenance building, we don’t expect testing to begin on Nemesis until the new year. We will continue to update you on the progress on the station and queue line as well as testing over the winter months and can not wait for the official reopening at the start of Alton Towers 2024 season.

    October 29 – It’s been a little while since we have updated you on the construction progress on Nemesis at Alton Towers. Below you can see a photo of how the site currently looks as well as a video embedded to YouTube recently by UK Theme Parks showing the latest developments.

    As you can see almost all of the track is now in place, painting is well underway on the station bringing the monster to life, the lift hill has been painted and has received the vein art work which features on the rest of the track. The entrance to Nemesis has been painted and we await confirmation of the plan for this arch which will take eager guests to the new Nemesis.

    Nemesis October 23

    You can see photos in the video of the queue line and we look forward to seeing exactly how this will wind around Nemesis and the details to be added to create the perfect beginning for guests as they await their ride on Nemesis. We will continue to keep you updated and as far as we can see, everything looks on track for the March 2024 reopening.

    September 1 – In the new video update posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide on August 30, we get to see that all of the supports are now in place and most of the track is now installed with only a few sections left to go in from the top of the lift hill to the drop which are expected to arrive to site soon. The completed corkscrew element can now also clearly be seen.

    The painting of the lift hill and brake run has now begun and there has been more detailing added to the top of the station. The dark grey and red paintwork which has a more rustic appearance is really beginning to stand out and is looking very impressive.

    Another interesting thing to note is that the old queue line fence has been taken out and it appears that the whole queue line is in the process of being ripped up. From the plans we expect the queue line to remain in the same place but Alton Towers obviously has aims to also revitalise this queue area.

    We will continue to inform you of further updates as they appear on this exciting retracking of Nemesis.

    August 17 – Exciting progress is being made on Nemesis at Alton Towers. In the latest construction video posted to YouTube on August 16 by Theme Park Worldwide we get to see the beginning of the installation of the corkscrew with the first sections going into place, the continued painting of the lift hill and updates to the station building.

    In the video which is embedded below you get to see the beginning of the installation of the iconic corkscrew on Nemesis which is expected to be completed in the next few weeks. Major refurbishment work continues on the station building including further painting. We are looking forward to bringing you the next update very soon.

    July 27 – In the latest construction update posted to YouTube by Theme Park Worldwide, we can see that the Zero-G roll has now been installed. You can get great views of this from the ground level and observation platform. It appears to have slightly different profiling and appears to be more compact than before so you won’t spend as much time on your back.

    It has also been noted that the vertical loop has thicker spine sections to connect to the supports, this is assumed to be to made it stronger so it lasts longer. It now looks like the inversion is actually made up from three different track segments, where before it was constructed of two longer segments. 

    A primer coat has now been applied to the lift hill in preparation for being painted black with the red veins. We are still waiting for the first corkscrew to be installed as well as the helix.

    Changes are being made to the station, scaffolding has been erected and the eyes have been removed from the monster. Part of the monster has started to be painted black. We are expecting significant work to be done and we will continue to update you on this. New wooden cut outs and a wooden structure has appeared on site which could be for the theming of the station.

    A lot of pressure washing is happening on site including the extensive rock work. We still eagerly await news regarding the colour of the trains. We will continue to bring you updates on the Nemesis retracking as it progresses at Alton Towers. 


    July 23 – In the latest construction update from Theme Park Worldwide on July 20, we get to see that the iconic loop has now gone into place on Nemesis at Alton Towers and it certainly looks very impressive.

    This new section of track was installed last week, we also get to see the Stall and new supports appear to have gone in place near to the station. We still await the installation of the helix and corkscrew and track for the Zero-G roll appears to be waiting in the car park on the trucks in preparation for this.

    July 10 – It has been a little while since we have updated you on the progress currently taking place on the iconic Nemesis roller coaster at Alton Towers. Theme Park Worldwide have released their latest video update with footage taken from the park on July 5, where we get to see a whole host of developments having taken place.

    From the observation platform you can see all the new track and supports which have been installed and the black and red track and black supports certainly look vibrant and impressive especially in the gleam of the summer sunshine. The stall turn and overbank are now in place and we still await the track to be installed for the Zero-G roll, the helix and the corkscrew.

    Scaffolding is up on the lift hill ready for painting to begin and scaffolding is in place on the station building ready for extensive work to be done on the theming of the Nemesis monster. Further track and supports have arrived in the car park which we expect to be installed in the coming weeks. We will continue to bring you updates on this extensive Nemesis reimagining at Alton Towers on our news and Facebook page.  

    June 19 – The current retracking of the iconic Nemesis at Alton Towers is certainly one of the most exciting things happening in a UK theme park right now. Due to reopen at the start of the 2024 season, Alton Towers is making excellent progress with this massive project.

    We were lucky enough to take a trip to Alton Towers on Wednesday June 14 to check out the latest developments on Nemesis. Take a look at our photo update below showing how this iconic roller coaster currently looks.

    Nemesis June 14Nemesis June 14Nemesis June 14Nemesis June 14

    June 12 – You can see further updates from earlier in June from Coaster Clips which shows a tour of the construction site. As you can see since our last update a lot more track has been added and there is work being done on the mysterious creature which acts as the station building.

    From the footage in the car park, you can see that there are huge amounts of track uncovered meaning it is ready for installation and we are expecting this to continue to be put into place during this week and beyond. We will bring you further news of the developments over the coming weeks including the work being done to the station building.

    The plan was to keep the Nemesis creature but to update the station to blend into the new twist on the theme. We can only surmise that the story will be changed slightly as it was assumed that the track used to act as the ropes being in place to hold the creature down. But, now it has the red vein design on it giving us the impression that the track is perhaps part of the creature itself. We will await confirmation on the storyline. 

    Continue, to read previous updates and developments from the Nemesis retracking at Alton Towers… 


    May 24 –  We are closely following the exciting track replacement of the iconic Nemesis roller coaster at Alton Towers. Just as we saw with the overhaul of Duel into Curse of Alton Manor, Alton Towers is heavily marketing this extensive overhaul to immerse us in the story. All posters and advertising point towards the Phalanx where scientific testing is in progress. We even saw the Phalanx logo on the lorries seen transporting the track into the park.

    Theme Park Worldwide has just posted their most recent Nemesis update at Alton Towers from the 23rd May where work is continuing at a very fast pace.

    As you can see, there is more track waiting in the car park ready to be installed. Majority of the track already there has now been moved from the trailers onto the ground and protected from being scratched by metal or wooden blocks. A number of new supports have also arrived and are located on the trailers.

    Although track has been arriving on trucks without the Phalanx branding, the Scott Foster crane being used for the retracking has got a banner on it saying “Phalanx Aerial Support Unit” which is a nice touch. 

    When looking at the site itself, foundations are in place for the big stall turn and further supports have been added including a section under the exit bridge before the train makes its way into the final inversion. No new track is in place since the last update as it appears the focus is on preparation. We can see pipes being lifted onto the site and wire and cable replacement. We are expecting to see a full update of the operating and computer systems during this extensive overhaul

    It is expected that when the preparation work is done, the track currently sitting in the car park at the beginning of the video update will be installed in a short amount of time and most likely over night in order to not interrupt the running of the monorail and Galactica during park hours.

    The existing track that is remaining looks like it has been cleaned but there is no sign of it being painted yet. We expect this will be one of the last jobs so as not to cause damage to it while the retracking is taking place. 

    There was big news last week when the $5 million investment, Nemesis Sub-Terra which was only open for 3 years (2012-15) was announced to be returning on 27th May. The new logo clearly uses the black and red colours which we are seeing on the new Nemesis track. 

    In the video update you can see that there is a lot of work being done on this attraction ready for its opening. Based on the Pre-shows which are currently being tested in the park it looks like they are very similar to the original although we still hope there will be some tweaks to highlight and tie it in with the new story of Nemesis. 

    The Phalanx vehicle has been removed in order to make way for an extended queue line. We are hoping to see it return somewhere nearby either when Nemesis Sub-Terra reopens on Saturday 27th May or next year when Nemesis reopens.

    The question is asked in the video if we are likely to see a new retail location next year in Forbidden Valley. The Rollercoaster restaurant took over the former Air shop and we are guessing Alton Towers will bring out a lot of new merchandise to promote the new Nemesis retracking.

    We think it would certainly be a sensible decision to make for not only merchandise but for food and beverages as we expect guests to spend a lot of time in Forbidden Valley when Nemesis reopens in 2024. We will keep you updated on this as well as further news on the progress being made on the Nemesis retracking when we hear more.

    May 11 –  Theme Park Worldwide have added a new construction update to YouTube this week which shows a host of developments at the site which can be seen from the recently erectly observation platform as well as from down on ground level.

    As can be seen in the video, here is a run down of the current developments:

    • A new logo has been added to the construction walls by the entrance Nemesis with #SEEK THE TRUTH
    • Original brake run track is still in place and this is where they are now working from with new track now in place.
    • Part of the support is in place for the final inversion which goes through the tunnel.
    • Further track has been uncovered on trucks in the car park ready to be installed. You get to see a close up look at the new black track with the vivid red vein design on it. The design is very detailed and consists of a number of different shades of red with a white outline.
    • There is a lot of track in the car park on 8 trailers, some has not been uncovered yet been uncovered including the track for the zero-G roll. A lot of work is being done overnight so we are expecting the track to really start going in over the next few weeks and the new Nemesis will 
    • New gloss black supports are also ready to be installed and are really striking.
    • New trains are promised with no confirmed details so far. 

    The rumor (see below) back in January that the black B&M track seen at Clermont Steel Fabricators in Ohio was meant for Nemesis has come true! 

    Guests will be able to get excellent views of the Nemesis track replacement from the observation platform which is now in place. Announcements are made while standing on the observation platform to build the atmosphere around the development, “This is a biohazard risk containment zone, all hazardous material has been made safe for civilian viewing”.

    You also get to see in the video the Nemesis set piece which has been in place since Nemesis opened in 1994. For most people they may never have even noticed it but from the observation deck you can clearly see the impressive details.

    It is commonly thought that the storyline for Nemesis sees the monster rising from the ground which is represented by the station and the track was holding it down but we are expecting a change in storyline considering the track now has the red vein design on it, implying the monster has now broken free and the track is now part of the monster itself. 

    With the black and red track it seems to hark back to the original logo design and has a comic book feel just like the actual comic book that was created about Nemesis in 1994. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet and there will undoubtedly be a lot of speculation surrounding this. 

    We will continue to bring you details of the construction progress of Nemesis at Alton Towers. Do you like the new black track with red vein design? So far in our poll, Has Alton Towers made the right decision with the new Nemesis track, 68% said “Absolutely – love the new black track with red veins!” and 32% said “No – should have kept the original grey!” 

    It will be interesting to see if opinion will change as more track is added to Nemesis over the coming weeks and months. Let us know your thoughts by voting in our poll or by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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    UPDATE April 30 – There have been exciting times behind the scenes at Alton Towers over the last few weeks as new track for the iconic Nemesis roller coaster has been arriving ready to be installed for the complete track replacement.

    Back in January there was talk online that the new track could be black rather than the original grey. Now according to a recent post by Blooloop the new track is not only black but also has red veins painted on it.

    New Nemesis track, Merlin

    Now this is causing quite the stir with Nemesis fans and I must say this new paint job is somewhat of a surprise! It appears that the track is arriving to a site approximately 20 miles away from Alton Towers then the red veins are being painted by a local artist and then transported to the park ready to be installed.

    Alton Towers has released a video of the new track arriving at the park from the Phalanx. The video which is embedded below is a fantastic way to build hype it is definitely working, we are seriously hyped!

    Screamscape has also added a number of photos of the black Nemesis track arriving. With Nemesis being one of my all time favourite rides I can not explain how excited I am for the reopening in 2024. We will keep you posted on further updates on the track replacement of Nemesis here at Theme Park Tourist. 

    Continue, to read previous updates and developments from the Nemesis retracking at Alton Towers… 


    April 13 – We were lucky enough to visit Alton Towers yesterday and our first stop after riding Wicked Man was to see the progress being made on Nemesis. 

    You are instantly met by a huge yellow crane and behind the black construction walls it is clear that all original Nemesis track has been removed from the crest of the lift hill to the start of the brake run.


    A lot of work is being done and it will be extremely exciting to see the progress over the coming year of the retracking of this iconic roller coaster which is set to keep the exact same layout. The new track is reported to be sand filled which will reduce the noise levels of the attraction. The station and tunnel section will remain as well as the rock work, queue line and pathways. No trees will be affected during the retracking process. The footers will be strengthened where necessary. Check out a range of photos from the area below.


    The large signs on the construction walls say, “NEMESIS IS CLOSED, INVESTIGATION UNDERWAY, SCIENTIFIC TESTING IN PROGRESS” It invites you to sign up for investigation updates which takes you to this website.

    The question still remains, will the new track be original grey or the new rumored black track? What we do know is that when it reopens in 2024 that it is going to be a must-do for any theme park fan. We will continue to keep you updated during the coming months.

    January 6 – Nemesis at Alton Towers closed on November 6 and isn’t expected to reopen until Spring 2024 as it undergoes its major track replacement. There was excitement online at the the start of January as TowersTimes posted photos of black B&M track at Clermont Steel Fabricators in Ohio.

    Now, before anyone panics there could be a number of explanations:

    1. This black track could be for another B&M roller coaster which has not been announced yet
    2. It could be a base primer and the original grey colour will be added over the top

    There has, however, inevitably been speculation that Nemesis is getting a new black track. It has been implied that there could be some changes seen in the extensive overhaul of Nemesis and we assume therefore that the track colour could be one of the changes. But there has not been anything officially confirmed or denied regarding the track colour and we will keep you updated on further details as and when they are announced. 

    We asked you whether you wanted original grey or new black and so far the results could be seen as somewhat surprising. Currently here are the results:

    • Original grey – 33%
    • New black – 67%

    We are quite surprised by these results as was expecting the majority of Nemesis fans to want to see the original and iconic grey track returning. Do you think Nemesis should have a black track? Let us know by voting in our poll below or leaving us a comment. 

    Continue, to read previous updates and developments from the Nemesis retracking at Alton Towers…

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    October 24 – It was announced back at the end of September, that November 6 would be the last day that Nemesis fans would get to ride this iconic coaster before it closes for its extensive track replacement. Well, Alton Towers has just announced a competition for 14 riders to get the chance to take part in the last-to-ride event.

    14 winners or as they are known to The Phalanx; specimens will be selected at random. “Each winner will receive a VIP Alton Towers Theme Park experience for up to 2 people on November 6th including 1-day complimentary access to Alton Towers Theme Park (including access to the Fireworks), with 1-day Gold Fastrack Pass and meet and greet with Nemesis creator John Wardley, plus souvenir goodie bag, as well as being a last rider experience Nemesis before closing to the public. Valid on the 6th November 2022 only. Prizes do not include travel to or from Alton Towers Resort.” For further details and to enter, visit the Alton Towers website.

    Nemesis closing, Alton Towers

    September 21 – Alton Towers has just confirmed on their official Facebook page the closing date for the legendary Nemesis roller coaster. Nemesis will close on 6th November, 2022 which marks the end of Alton Tower’s 2022 season. 

    This closure is so that Nemesis can undergo a major overhaul which will see majority of the current track being replaced. There hasn’t been a reopening date given as of yet but we are expecting the start of 2024 which will mark Nemesis’ 30th birthday year! We will keep you posted on further details regarding the extensive refurbishment of Nemesis on our news and Facebook page.

    But if you want to have the chance to ride Nemesis before its closure you need to make sure you visit Alton Towers by 6th November, 2022!

    Nemesis, Alton Towers

    September 8 – Nemesis fans have been eagerly awaiting news of when the legendary coaster will be closed for its complete track rebuild which was confirmed after a permit was filed back in January 2022. 

    Alton Towers fans are speculating the closure of Nemesis for the whole of the 2023 season in order for this extensive project to be carried out, meaning it would return to celebrate its 30th birthday in 2024. This has also been rumoured on Screamscape this week. No official announcement has currently been made by Alton Towers regarding the closure of Nemesis but we will keep you posted with further details when we get them on our news and Facebook page.

    Jaunary 26 – Nemesis is one of Alton Towers most popular rides. The B&M roller coaster which opened in 1994 is an iconic attraction at the top UK theme park and is much loved by Alton Towers fans.

    There have been rumors in the last couple of years that Nemesis may be in for a much needed overhaul and it has now come to our attention that Alton Towers put in an application to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council on January 21, 2021 for major work on this rollercoaster.

    The application seems to involve the replacement of majority of the track with only the lift hill and station appearing to be kept intact as well as the supports. The layout is not expected to be changed in any way. 

    The likely reason for this as stated by Screamscape is to fill the track piece with sand which is now a common method of making the coaster run quietly. We are also guessing that with its 30 year birthday coming up in 2024 that the track is also in need of replacing due to wear and tear. To see the full application which is listed as having a determination required date as March 18, 2022 visit the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council website.

    This will be a major overhaul for this beloved B&M coaster which shares similarities to when Universal completely rebuilt the Incredible Hulk Coaster At Islands of Adventure in 2016 which is also a B&M rollercoaster. All fans of Nemesis will be hopeful that this track replacement will enhance the ride experience rather than hinder it.

    Nemesis, Alton Towers

    As the planning application has only just been submitted there is still a long way to go for Alton Towers to get full approval and begin the work. We will keep you up to date with developments on this huge project on our News and Facebook page. Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.