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    Majority of Fans Don’t Want A Parks Reservation System At Epic Universe!

    For majority of Disney fans the Parks Reservation System for Walt Disney World has been a negative experience since the parks reopened after the closures due to COVID-19, which they still want rid of. There was an interesting talk online last week where the idea was seemingly floated that Universal may be considering implementing a similar Parks Reservation.

    According to Screamscape, Universal has been sending out online surveys to glean information on what fans dislike most about the Parks Reservation System. It has therefore been speculated that Universal may choose to put a reservation system in place for the opening of Epic Universe in 2025.

    Epic Universe, Universal
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    Now, just to be clear, Universal has not confirmed anything regarding a reservation system for Epic Universe as of yet, however, with the opening of a new theme park brings a number of challenges. Universal may need to limit capacity in the first few months if certain areas have not quite been completed or attractions are still being tested. A Parks Reservation System would certainly allow them to manage capacity effectively and plan to deliver the best experience for guests as possible.

    In addition, because of the proximity of Epic Universe to the Orange County Convention Center, Universal is hoping to capture some of the visiting business market as well with this new park and resort. If Universal is indeed hoping that those visiting the Convention Center could have access to the park it seems perhaps even more essential for a structured Parks Reservation System to be implemented.

    Epic Universe, Universal
    Image: Universal

    We are not expecting Universal to bring this reservation system to Universal Studios Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventure as it proves difficult when considering moving between the parks on the Hogwarts Express and for multi-day tickets but it definitely appears to have scope for the upcoming Epic Universe.

    We were interested to know your thoughts about a potential Park Reservation System for Epic Universe when it opens? We asked you, Should Epic Universe have a Parks Reservation System? Well, results show so far what we already expected, majority of Universal fans have said “no”. Currently 77% of people said “no” with only 23% saying they think Universal should implement a Parks Reservation System. 

    We await further details from Universal whether a Parks Reservation System will actually come to fruition for Epic Universe. Let us know your thoughts by voting in our poll below or by leaving us a comment.

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