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    The Magical Bucket List #2: Go Underground at the Magic Kingdom

    Utilidor map

    In the second of our series looking at unusual and amazing experiences at Disney theme park resorts, we suggest heading underground to explore the “utilidors” of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Many Disney fans will know that the Magic Kingdom’s rides and attractions aren’t actually situated at ground level. Instead, an immense network of utility corridors (“utilidors”) was constructed before the park opened, and then covered over with earth that was excavated from the Seven Seas Lagoon. The theme park itself sits on top of them. The utilidors serve a number of backstage functions, and were installed so that guests don’t have to see these being performed, thus breaking the “magic”. This includes waste removal using an Automated Vacuum Collection system, computer systems, deliveries, kitchens for the park’s restaurants and locker rooms for Cast Members. Until 2005, the costuming department – with over 1.2 million outfits – was also housed in this underground lair.

    Utilidor map

    The Magic Kingdom’s utilidor network is extensive. Image: John Corigliano Flickr

    The utilidors are generally off-limits to guests, and most visitors to the Magic Kingdom don’t even know that they are there. But it is possible to explore them as part of an organised tour. The Keys to the Kingdom tour, which includes visits to several other backstage areas, features a trip down into the utilidors. Want to check out what’s underneath the Magic Kingdom? You’ll need to call (407) WDW-TOUR to make a reservation. Expect to pay nearly $80 per person, with discounts for Annual Passholders.