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    Iconic Shrek 4-D Props Selling For Thousands

    We reported last week that props from the now permanently closed Shrek 4-D attraction at Universal Studios Florida had been seen for sale in the Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop which is located in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Florida.

    Initially there had been sightings of the classic 3-D glasses being sold for $5 and the shield priced at $600. Well, for these next props you will have to be prepared to part with some serious cash.

    Shrek 4D, Universal
    Image: Theme Park Tourist

    As we anticipated, more props from the attraction were likely to turn up for sale in the coming weeks and the lastest spots are certainly big hitters from the attraction pre-show. Inside the Magic have reported that the podium is up for grabs if you are willing to pay $4000 for the privilege and wait for it, the renowned magic mirror is on sale for $7500. 

    If you are interested in owning a piece of Shrek 4-D then head to Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop at Universal Studios Florida. Let us know if you see any other must haves while you are there by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.