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    Iconic Billboard Permanently Removed At Walt Disney World

    For decades the iconic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard has greeted guests as they travel down World Drive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Last night it was demolished and then permanently removed.

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Tower will continue to be open and the decision to remove this momentous billboard has no impact at all on the future of this classic attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney
    Image: Theme Park Tourist

    We speculate that the reason for the permanent removal is due to the continued cost of upkeep of this billboard. The area where the billboard once stood since the 1990s is expected to be landscaped.

    Two pieces of signage were carefully removed before the remainder of the billboard was demolished. The “Hollywood Tower Hotel” from the top and the “Twilight Zone” from the top.

    Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Disney
    Image: Disney

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