In yet another video construction update posted to YouTube by Lake Erie Lifestyles on July 30, we see that painting has now resumed on the top hat supports and a large crane has arrived on site which we assume is to install the recently delivered supports for the rumored spike.

The box track with the retractable friction drive wheels and magnetic brake fins has now been installed between the static brake run and turn behind the station. 

This piece of box track is indeed very interesting and that coupled with the combination of large and smaller footers behind on the return curve as well as the four large footers on the track infield should give Top Thrill Dragster that unique, "never been done before" element which Tony Clark promised us.

We are now only a couple of days away from the official announcement and we can't wait to bring you our reaction to this on Tuesday August 1.

Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
Image: Cedar Fair

In the previous video update posted on July 28, we see that fifty per cent of the track on the top hat has now been painted white. Painting now seems to have halted, could this be to add a different color? It would certainly be awesome if we saw another color added such as red or yellow. We assume we will hear confirmation on this on Tuesday when the official announcement is made.

All of the new track pieces which were delivered to the Breakers Express Storage Lot this week, have now been moved to the Top Thrill Dragster Site. The launch side track is being installed and appears to have electrical junction boxes affixed to it where we are expecting to see the LSMs connected.

Track is being installed on the return side of the track at the end of the brake run. This track appears to have friction wheels which move up and down and there are additional magnetic brakes that move up and down too. 

In the area in front of the station, more concrete foundation work continues and the pit in the middle of the track infield has been excavated even further. There is also excavation being done around the foundational pillars of the old queue pavilion. Additional forms are being constructed in the final curve.  

In the video update from July 24, we saw work continuing on the track infield and station. The rebar and concrete prep-work is continuing which is expected to be for the switch track.

The big news in that trucks delivered more supports to the Breakers Express Storage Lot on morning of July 24. This delivery looks to include a massive new ground support, another mid section as well as new thinner supports, making a total of 11 which are expected to be for the top section. Additional track pieces have also been delivered in this shipment. We will continue to update you on further deliveries and also movement of track and supports from the Breakers Express Storage Lot to the Top Thrill Dragster site.

On July 23, we got to see a further new teaser added to the midway fence. "Nowhere To Go But Back" joins the many other teasers and implies that the rumor of a second top hat is not on the cards.

It is reported that painting on the top hat has currently ceased, regarding the track infield, the hole right in front of the station looks ready for the foundations to be poured. This could be for a possible switch track. 

We can also see that the sides are being built up with three or four structures on the foundations on the north side of launch track. 

On July 22, we saw this update regarding the new teasers which suddenly appeared on the midway fence. 

So here are the teasers added so far to the midway fence:

  • "Get Revvvd Up 08.01.23"
  • "Smoke The Competition"
  • "A New Formula For Thrills"
  • "Drive The Sky"
  • "Accelerate Your Adrenaline"

From these teasers, our hopes are certainly set sky high for the reimagined Top Thrill Dragster. All eyes are set on August 1, as "Smoke The Competition" implies that it will break a record of some sort, will it be the tallest? Will it be the fastest? We literally can not wait to find out and will bring you our reactions as soon as the announcements are made.

In the update posted July 21, we saw more progress being done on the reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster. Painting is progressing very well on the top hat with 25% of the lower top hat and track having now been completed. 

On the track infield, work is quickly progressing on the concrete foundation which was recently poured prior to the last update and it appears that additional new forms are being built on top of this new structure. 


Excavating continues in the area in front of the station and a new wall is being constructed for what appears to possibly be a new concrete form. Work also continues on the curve behind the station. We now await track supports being mounted on top of the new footings.

There have still be no new permits filed with the FAA or City of Sandusky and no new track has been delivered to or removed from the storage lot next to Breakers Express. We will continue to update you with the construction progress on Top Thrill Dragster. Continue reading to see previous updates.


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