Top Thrill Dragster is one of Cedar Point's biggest and most popular rides so we originally assumed that Cedar Point would be keen to get the reimagining completed as soon as possible and the ride open again in 2023. However, although work appears to be progressing well we now know for certain that Top Thrill Dragster will remain closed for the entire of the 2023 season and will be ready to thrill guests once again at some point in 2024. 

A range of photos were leaked online before Christmas of the current Top Thrill Dragster site. They can be seen in the video embedded below along with a commentary from America's Coaster Network with their thoughts on further changes.

In summary this is what we know, work is clearly going on at the station. The original metal fences have gone from the queue line so it highly likely they are moving the queue which has been assumed from the start. There is a unconfirmed rumor that the building where you would get Top Thrill Dragster photos from is to be torn down and will be part of the replaced long and thin queue line. 

We all know that the launch will be the biggest change and it is clear from the photos that all track linked to the launch and brake system has been removed in preparation for new LSM launch track. Brake run supports remain whilst the rest have been removed and the track for the legendary Top hat track also remains. 

It is thought that the old track will be re-used with new LSM launches being put on and retro fitted. There is a strong possibility that Zamperla are involved in the reimagining as they are currently retrofitting another Intamin accelerator coaster with LSM track. It would be great to see Top Thrill Dragster fitted with new lightning trains which were unveiled at IAPPA in November 2022. Intamin, however, could still be the ones to convert Top Thrill Dragster but they have now removed the ride from their website which could give clue that they are distancing themselves from the attraction.

It doesn't appear that there are plans for an extended layout which was originally speculated. Could we also see a more highly themed area surrounding Top Thrill Dragster? We will keep you updated on the progress with Top Thrill Dragster on our news and Facebook page. Are you excited to ride the reimagined Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

October 18 - We are closely following the progress of the eagerly awaited Top Thrill Dragster reimagining which was first announced back in September. Updates About Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster has recently posted a tweet showing that the station has been pretty much completely emptied.

We can also see from an aerial image  (October 7) that a lot of track has been removed so far and work appears to be progressing at a good pace. So far, we have not had confirmation of what exactly this reimagining will look like when it is finished but there has been a lot of speculation online from Top Thrill Dragster fans and coaster enthusiasts (see below). The large crane which was previously on site has now been reported to have gone.

October 3 - In an update posted today by Screamscape which includes a number of photos, we can see work continues at an impressive rate on the reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster At Cedar Point. 

A large crane is on site and more launch track has now been removed. The photos also show that the returning/ brake track run is also being removed from the station to just past the "Finish" line. The transfer tracks that sat between the launch track and the inner queue have also been removed.

It is great to see that Cedar Point is wasting no time at all in pushing forward with this much needed reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster. We will continue to update you on the progress as it happens on our news and Facebook page.

September 30 - For anyone who is interested in the current progress of the reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, you may be interested to see this video which has been posted to YouTube by Amusement Park Portal showing a view over the top of the construction fencing.

The video shows the removal of parts of the track around the loading station.  We are very excited to see what Cedar Point has in store for the legendary Top Thrill Dragster in this extensive reimagining. 

Check out the rumors that are currently swirling below of what we may see in the reimagining and we will keep you posted with further updates when they are revealed on our news and Facebook page. With 87% of people who voted in our recent poll saying they want to see Top Thrill Dragster reopening we are guessing many of our readers will be following the progress of this closely.

September 26 - We heard at the beginning of September that the legendary Top Thrill Dragster "as we know it" at Cedar Point is to be retired and reimagined. Well this led to theme park fans speculating as to what Cedar Point has got planned. We posted an article, Top Thrill Dragster To Be Reimagined, Rumors Fly Of What This Could Look Like!, which outlined a number of potential ideas which included:

  • Using a new LSM Launch system to make Top Thrill Dragster go faster than Kinda Ka's current record of 0 to 128mph in 3.5 seconds. Target of 130-135mph could maybe be feasible.
  • Increasing the height by either taking the top section off and re-engineering it or lowering the bottom ends of the track at the base of the tower into a below-grade trench. If this was possible and the height could be increased above 418ft then Top Thrill Dragster would take back the record from Kingda Ka of being the tallest stratocoaster in North America.
  • Adding air time hill after drop
  • Adding a roll-over inversion built into the hill
  • Adding a Multi-launch system which could then include a roll-back. 

Screamscape has posted on their Facebook page a number of photos which were sent in from a reader who had captured photos of parts of the track being removed. It seems as if the launch cable and retractable brake-fins on the launch track are being removed which isn't going to be a surprise to most now we know that the coaster is being reimagined, likely with a magnetic launch system. 

The post goes on to say that track is also being removed from the load/unload station which does suggest that major work is being done which could mean the Top Thrill Dragster is getting a "switch-track and dedicated multi-launch track segment,"

We will keep you updated as work continues on the reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. Let us know what you would like to see from the reimagined Top Thrill Dragster by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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