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The Swarm at Thorpe Park

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Swarm Island

Roller coaster

Opening Date:
Mar 15, 2012

127 feet

2543 feet

Maximum speed:
60 mph

Bolliger & Mabillard

Wing Coaster

Minimum height:
55 inches

Opened in March 2012, The Swarm is the first Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Rider roller coaster in the UK. Riders are seated in pods of two on either side of the track, enabling the ride to incorporate a number of “near-miss” elements with the surrounding scenery.

The Swarm stands at 127-feet-tall, making it the second tallest ride at Thorpe Park behind nearby Stealth. After exiting the station (which is themed around a ruined church), the trains climb to the top of a lift hill before rolling 180 degrees. This means that riders start its circuit hanging upside position, before returning to an upright position via half-loop. The circuit features a number of highly banked turns, as well as a corkscrew and a zero-G roll.

Thorpe Park has installed extensive theming around The Swarm’s circuit, with the backstory for the ride being that an alien invasion has devastated the earth. A number of burnt-out vehicles are located close to the track, including a “crashed” aeroplane, a helicopter and a fire engine. The train themselves are designed to represent the invading “swarm”.

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Reviews of The Swarm:

Great Ride
Submitted by sportyskater99
on Saturday, May 26, 2012 19:58

This was a great investment from Thorpe Park. The feeling of having nothing above or below you is quite incredible. The first drop with the heart line twist is great. What I love about this ride is how sitting on different sides of the trains can alter the ride experience quite drastically, especially at the first drop. Overall a great ride with some great theming in the area around it.


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