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Storm in a Teacup at Thorpe Park

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Amity Cove

Flat ride

Opening Date:

Mack Rides GmbH

Tea Cups

Minimum height:
43 inches

Formerly known as “Tea Cup Twister”, this classic spinning tea cup ride was rethemed in 2004 in order to fit in with nearby Tidal Wave. One of the oldest rides at Thorpe Park, it sees guests boarding tea cup vehicles which rotate around on a turntable. Guests can control the spinning of their cup using a wheel in its centre.

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Reviews of Storm in a Teacup:

good ol family fun
Submitted by sirusstest
on Friday, August 26, 2011 12:43

This ride is great for the family to enjoy. If you want to spin the cup, make sure you sit in one with on the round blue platforms which hold 3 cups. There are other cups outside of the platforms which do not spin. There is a ride height restriction in force and be warned the operators will not let your child ride with you if they fail to meet the required height. I saw countless crying kids that could not go on this ride because of this! Personally I wouldn't take a small child to Thorpe Park and not one under 1.2 metres as there is just not enough for small children to do there.


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