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First Cone at Six Flags St Louis

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1904 World’s Fair

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Ice cream

First Cones serves waffle cones filled with Prairie Farms-branded ice cream.

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No trip to Six Flags St. Louis is complete without First Cone
Submitted by sirusstest
on Wednesday, October 02, 2013 06:14

While Cold Stone has the name, First Cone is all about the experience for any longtime Six Flags St. Louis fan.

Located at the front of the park, First Cone is the perfect last stop in the park before heading home. With a variety of flavors, everyone is sure to find a favorite to choose for their waffle cone. What makes First Cone the best value in the park is the fact that the workers make the waffles fresh that day at the park.

No where else can you get the delicious taste of First Cone, the perfect way to end a day at any theme park.


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