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Six Flags New England Reviews and Guide

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Key information

Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

Six Flags

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Located just off Massachusetts State Route 159, very close to the city of Springfield, Six Flags New England offers the chain's usual selection of major roller coasters and thrilling flat rides. Among the park's most popular rides are Batman: The Dark Knight (a B&M Floorless Coaster), Bizarro (a towering Intamin hypercoaster), Scream (an S&S ride that combines a drop tower and a Space Shot into a single attraction) and Houdini - The Great Escape (a Vekoma Mad House ride). The majority of the park's children's attractions are off-the-shelf, lightly-themed rides, which are packed into the KIDZOPOLIS and Looney Tunes Movie Town areas.

History: Formerly known as Gallup's Grove and Riverside Park, the park has existed in various forms since 1840. It was abandoned in 1933, eventually being reopened in 1940 by Edward Carroll. This saw the start of a turnaround, with the Cyclone roller coaster being added a year later. After decades of gradual expansion, the park was purchased by Premier Parks in 1996, which subsequently acquired the larger Six Flags chain. It continued to be known as Riverside Park until 2000, when it was renamed as Six Flags New England. This marked the start of a new era, and a renewed focus on thrill-seekers. Several new coasters, including Superman: Ride of Steel (now Bizarro) and Batman: The Dark Knight, were added during the proceeding decade. A change of leadership at Six Flags in 2010 led to several licensing deals being dropped, with Wiggles World becoming the generic KIDZOPOLIS, and the Thomas Town area closing altogether.

Top Rides and Shows:

Wicked Cyclone
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0 reviews
Superman: The Ride
Your rating: None (15 votes)
0 reviews
Harley Quinn Spinsanity
Your rating: None (1 vote)
0 reviews
Batman: The Dark Knight
Your rating: None (12 votes)
0 reviews
Your rating: None (8 votes)
0 reviews

Top Restaurants:

Kettle Corn
Your rating: None (7 votes)
0 reviews
Baystate Fries
Your rating: None (10 votes)
0 reviews
JB’s Smokehouse BBQ
Your rating: None (7 votes)
0 reviews
Slush Factory
Your rating: None (3 votes)
0 reviews
Johnny Rockets
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0 reviews

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