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Tom & Huck's River Blast at Silver Dollar City

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Boat ride

Opening Date:
Mar 19, 2010


Splash Battle

Tom & Huck's River Blast is a Mack Splash Battle ride, similar in style to others added to theme parks all over the world in recent years. Guests ride in boats armed with water cannons, which can be fired at other boats. Cannons also line the edge of the water, allowing guests on the shore to join in the water fight.

Upcoming refurbishments, rehabs and closures

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Reviews of Tom & Huck's River Blast:

Interactive experience that keep the guests working
Submitted by sirusstest
on Thursday, September 05, 2013 05:31

Being from the other side of the state, I had heard that Six Flag St. Louis had thought about adding a ride similar to Tom & Huck's River Blast, so when I visited the park this summer, I had to make sure to try out the interactive water adventure.

The ride did not disappoint!!! With each raft set up with water cannons and with water cannons set up around the ride for those not riding, it gives anyone in the area of the ride a good time, but get ready to get soaked! I visited this area of the park several times during the two days I visited the park just to see how many others were enjoying their time at the attraction.


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