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Calico Mine Ride at Knott's Berry Farm

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Ghost Town

Dark ride

One of Knott's Berry Farm's oldest and most enduring attractions, Calico Mine Ride takes guests on a train journey through a mock gold mine populated by scenes of miners at work. The look-and-feel is similar to Disney's Big Thunder Mountain, although this is very much a dark ride rather than a roller coaster.

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Reviews of Calico Mine Ride:

An original
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)
on Tuesday, September 03, 2013 20:45

Knowing the age of this attraction, you have to love it. My boys (6 and 9) were a littler nervous, thinking it was going to be faster than it actually was.

There are no individual seats for this attraction, instead you load up in these mine cars that have bench seating. You sit with your back to the action, which means you have to turn around to see what's behind you, or you have to move to see around the person sitting in front of you. When you go uphill, you tend to slide down, squashing whoever is next to you.

The Calico Mine Ride is filled with scenes of miners mining the mine. There isn't too much movement in the miners, they are pretty much manequins staging each scene.

You get some speed towards the end when you need to vacate the mine as quickly as possible due to a possible explosion, but nothing that's really exciting.

Like the Jungle Cruise, this ride could be either something fun to look at, or hilarious depending on the train operator. Our last ride had a great conductor: "We've found gold nuggets, silver nuggets, and even chicken nuggets in this mine"; "Not sure how far this mine goes, rumors say it might even lead all the way to Disneyland."

Great ride, hope it gets the redo that Timber Mountain got, then I might change my review to 5.


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