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Banshee will be the longest inverted roller coaster in the world at 4,124 feet. It will include seven inversions and, interestingly, will reach its top speed of 68 miles per hour in the middle of the ride’s course, not at the bottom of the 150 foot first drop.

The striking blue supports hold magenta track – fitting for the ride’s supernatural theme, and for its second calling card: being “the first female-inspired thrill ride at a Cedar Fair park.” You can take that to the bank! Which is good, because Banshee will also be the park’s largest ever investment at $24 million, beating out 2009’s B&M hyper coaster Diamondback ($22 million), and previous owner Paramount’s additions, Son of Beast and TOMB RAIDER: The Ride (now both defunct, neither lasting a full decade – and tragically so at $20 million a piece).

The ride’s station will take the form of an Irish cathedral with the loading track passing through the church’s shattered stained glass windows. Out of sync with early expectations, the ride will be placed in Kings Island’s Action Zone film-backlot themed area, which, it appears, will not be rethemed to accommodate the new attraction. Some had speculated that the entire area would be refreshed with a new "haunted" theme to match the coaster based on the fact that Cedar Fair has meticulously re-built each area of the park one year at a time, always pairing a new attraction with a refresh of the land it's located in.

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