March 6 - We are now reaching a climax at Thorpe Park in the construction of Hyperia which will take the crown as the UK's tallest and fastest roller coaster.

In the new video update posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone we get to see that the last piece of track which is the crest of the hill to complete Hyperia is now ready to be installed. Depending on weather we expect this to go into place at some point this week and are very excited to bring you news of the completion of Hyperia's track as soon as that happens

As soon as the track is complete we expect to see the imminent delivery of the ride vehicles to site in preparation for testing to begin!

March 3 - With all eyes on Thorpe Park, we eagerly await news of the opening date for the highly anticipated new tallest and fastest roller coaster in the UK. 

There has been a lot of speculation online recently due to the announcement from Thorpe Park of an early bird ticket offer where fans can purchase tickets at the cheaper price of from £29 rather than the usual from £39. This ticket offer finishes on Thursday 25th April meaning speculation has begun that Hyperia could open Saturday 27th April?

Now, just to be absolutely clear, there has been no confirmation at all so far from Thorpe Park as to when we will see Hyperia open. Although it would be very exciting to see an opening at the end of April, we currently think that this is unlikely as we are still waiting for the lift hill to be completed. 

In the latest construction update filmed on Tuesday 27th February and Wednesday 28th February and posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone on March 1, we get to see clearer footage of the huge new crane which stands at just under 300ft and extensive footage on the first drop which is now in place.

Further planting of small trees has taken place on site and the once large service road has now been reduced to a small path currently separating the lake. We eagerly await further confirmation of the installation of the lift hill and the opening date for Hyperia. Weather will certainly come into play as the large crane will not be able to operate in high winds.

Will Hyperia be ready to open at the end of April as some are speculating? We are certainly skeptical and expect a late May opening in preparation for the busy summer season. 

March 1 - In very exciting news yesterday, we got to hear that when Hyperia opens this spring at Thorpe Park that the height restriction on this MACK record breaking roller coaster will have a height restriction of just 1.3m compared to the 1.4m height restriction of the other roller coasters at Thorpe Park making it accessible to more thrill seekers.

Thorpe Park officially released their 2024 theme park map where this height restriction was confirmed as can be seen in the Twitter post released yesterday.

Although we eagerly await the next construction video to be posted by Jack Silkstone, yesterday evening a video was posted to YouTube by Jolucious where we get to see that the large awaited crane is now on site and the highly anticipated first drop has been installed.

As all the track pieces for the remainder of the 236ft lift hill are ready on site and the large crane tasked with putting them into place has now been constructed we expect the lift hill to be completed in the coming weeks and are very excited to see the completion of the track for Hyperia. We will continue to update you with further developments as soon as they happen.

February 26 - Construction progress on what will be the UK's tallest and fastest rollercoaster when it opens at Thorpe Park is reaching its climax.

The tallest track pieces for Hyperia are now on site in preparation to be installed. This can be seen in the brand new construction update posted to YouTube by Jack Silkstone where we also see the latest progress on the theming on the station, the continued landscaping and expansion of the lake as well as the developments on the gift shop and photo unit.

We will be very excited to bring you news of the ride vehicles having arrived on site and we expect ride testing will then begin shortly after.

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