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Tom Sawyer Island at Disney's Magic Kingdom

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Walt Disney Imagineering

Explorer's island

Just a raft ride from the shores of Frontierland, Tom Sawyer Island is a veritable playground for adventurous children and adults alike, as they climb rocks, explore caverns, and find interactive props hidden among floating bridges and old Western forts.

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Monday, August 05, 2013 09:00

Tokyo Disneyland is perhaps Disney's most unusual "castle" park.

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Reviews of Tom Sawyer Island:

A hidden escape
Submitted by sirusstest
on Sunday, September 15, 2013 19:55

While the island does not feature a ton Disney, it is still a classic Disney attraction.

As a boy from Missouri myself, there is a lot of midwest feel in the island. With Disney being from Missouri, any Disney fan knows how much the midwest played a role in the development of his classic Disney films such as Song of the South (featured in Splash Mountain).

Tom Sawyer Island has several tunnels and pathways that makes it a fun "big kid" playground. Smaller kids will have fun as well, but the floating bridges and different paths just take you back to being a kid out playing in the woods (once again, I am from Missouri haha).


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