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Swiss Family Treehouse at Disney's Magic Kingdom

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Opening Date:
Oct 1, 1971

Walt Disney Imagineering

Walkthrough treehouse

It's not an easy climb, but guests who ascend through the various levels of this gigantic treehouse structure see how the Robinson family lived and worked in their treehouse creation in the 1960 film.

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Reviews of Swiss Family Treehouse:

Swiss Family Treehouse - Glance At It, But Move On
Submitted by sirusstest
on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:18

In Disney World's Magic Kingdom theme park you'll find an interesting mix of attractions based on films, some from 50 years ago or so and others from within the past decade. Some of the attractions based on the older films are classics, and bound to not be touched or removed because of how beloved they are. Others in that category are still in existence for reasons that are beyond me, one of those being Adventureland's Swiss Family Treehouse.

This attraction is basically a walk-through of a replica of the treehouse constructed by the castaway family from Disney's live-action 1960 film "The Swiss Family Robinson". In that film, the family is shipwrecked on an island and to make life easier, construct a new home for themselves in the trees using the broken up parts from their ship. As you walk through, you can see faithfully-recreated parts of the treehouse as shown in the film: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, library, and even the skylight in the parents' bedroom. As you walk through, you can see strategically placed placards that tell you the Robinsons' story. Each room is recreated in great detail, to the credit of the Imagineers who created this attraction. At the very top of the treehouse, you can see out over Adventureland, and get a nice view of the river from the nearby Jungle Cruise ride.

There is a lot of walking and climbing stairs throughout the Swiss Family Treehouse, so those who aren't as mobile or might have knee or leg issues may be wise in skipping a walk-through.

For me, personally, I think this is a lame attraction that may have had some appeal 20 or 30 years ago, but it's based on a film from 1960 that frankly I don't think too many people care about today. I've walked through the treehouse once and that was plenty for me. It's not interesting at all and is itself based on a very dated, pretty irrelevant film that not many people even discuss or think too much about today. I think the whole space could be better utilized with something that today's modern park guests could better appreciate. (What that is, I'm not sure, but I think this attraction's time has come and long since gone.)

The little kids in your party (if you have any) may look at it as a big playground set for them to run through, and that's fine for them. Fortunately, Aloha Isle is located right across from the Swiss Family Treehouse and you can sit and eat a Dole Whip while the kiddies scamper around through it.

It's been said that if you walk through everything in the treehouse at a regular pace without stopping too much, you should be in and out of it in about 15 minutes.


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