In the latest video posted on July 18, by Lake Erie Lifestyles we get to see more progress being done on the reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster. Painting is continuing on the top hat with the contrast of the white track and the dark gray supports really beginning to come to life.

There was news that the Midway was shut after hours on Sunday which seems to have been to get cement trucks in as a lot of new concrete has appeared on the track infield. The station area curve has been freshly poured with concrete and there looks to be new forms for track supports.

The whole area of the north west area of the launch has been poured with concrete and new square track supports have been added for the return side after the brake run.

In the video posted July 13, by Lake Erie Lifestyles, the big news is that the theme for Top Thrill Dragster has now been confirmed as "racing" with a painted logo having appeared on the ground in the Midway next to Power Tower and a billboard sign mounted on the old Top Thrill Dragster hydraulic building. This logo is the same as the design of the keychain handed out at the Q&A session with Tony Clark back in June, with the addition of "RACING" in the middle.

There has still been no filings with the FAA for a structure over 200ft at Cedar Point. We get to see the Zamperla tag on a large box that is currently sitting in the Breakers storage yard where the new Top Thrill Dragster track and supports are being held before being moved to Cedar Point to be added to Top Thrill Dragster.

It is confirmed that the current pieces of track that are being installed on Top Thrill Dragster are brake fins and are for the return side of the ride rather than LSMs. We see work continuing on the track infield and station where concrete has been poured into the foundation on the launch side. New groundwork is being done just in front of the station and an interesting new concrete form is being built just behind the station which implies that the train will return to the station from the brake run coming off the top hat.

In the new video update posted July 11, by Lake Erie Lifestyles, we can see the very exciting development that new track has been laid on the return side of the Top Thrill Dragster infield. It appears that this is the track which was missing from the Breakers Express storage area seen in the video update on July 10.

According to a number of sources it appears that this new track was moved from the storage area Sunday night/ Monday morning. Everything continues to be very secretive surrounding the Top Thrill Dragster reimagining. You can expect another update very soon as construction continues at full throttle. 

On July 10 we got to see that painting is continuing on Top Thrill Dragster. More track has been painted white including high up on the top hat. We also got to see the start of the painting of the top hat structure at ground level. The yellow structure of the top hat is being painted the same dark gray as the track supports.

Work is progressing very well on the track infield and station area. Concrete footers have appeared in the station area and a concrete foundation has been poured from the load to the old unload area. It appears that the current focus is on getting the two story station building erected as well as getting the remainder of the existing track and supports painted.

A new shipment has arrived at the Breakers Express storage area including a large footer and five smaller ones. It is clear that some of the original delivery has been moved elsewhere and we will inform you of exactly where when this information comes to light.

We will continue to update you with further construction updates on Top Thrill Dragster and information regarding the confirmed manufacturer, Zamperla.

From the July 6, construction update from Lake Erie Lifestyles we got to see onsite painting continuing with the lower track on the launch and return sides of the top hat having been now been completely painted bright white. The supports continued to be painted dark gray and prep work was being done on the top hat which was the next part expected to be painted white.

As already stated, work has started on the station area and more of the midway concrete is being torn up and there is a new concrete form located in the middle of the launch track which is likely to be filled with concrete in the next few days. 

For further construction updates and information on the reimagining of Top Thrill Dragster, read on...


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