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Ice Blast at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Flat ride

Ice Blast is an S&S Space Shot ride which stands at 180-feet-tall. It sees riders being seated in rows of 4 on square-shaped gondola that wraps around a central tower. Compressed air is used to blast the gondola to the top of the tower, before it freefalls back towards the ground below. Two further blasts send it up to lower heights, before riders return to platform at the tower’s base.

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Monday, October 14, 2013 09:00

No theme park is complete without a drop tower: here are five of the UK's finest. 

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Blasted fun
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)
on Thursday, October 10, 2013 21:56

I personally feared the thought of a drop tower and the only other drop tower I had been on prior to this was the London Dungeon Extremis drop. So I don't have much to compare this ride to.

The terror I felt whilst queuing for the ride was increased because the queue line zig zags right in front of the ride with not much else to look at you pending ride is watch again and again. It can be quite fun watching other people get blasted upwards.

When you do get to the ride by now you should have a good idea when it will happen, if you have been paying attention. Nothing can prepare you for how different this feels when you drop and then bounce back up before coming down again. It feels like major air time. A split second good view of the park this had to be one of my favourite rides at the Pleasure Beach.

An extremely quick ride but worth the usually short queue. A unique ride to blast you upwards rather than just a drop. I now have the courage to take on any drop tower but I feel I may be disappointed in comparison to this because of its launch.

I hope you enjoy this ride as much as I did.


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