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Dark Forest
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Roller coaster
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The long-awaited Thirteen rollercoaster (also known as "Th13teen") opened at Alton Towers on March 20, 2010. Billed as "the scariest rollercoaster in the world", the ride is actually aimed at families and is relatively tame compared the park's other thrill rides.

To accommodate Thirteen, Alton Towers updated the Ug Land section of the park with a new "Dark Forest" theme. The theme makes perfect sense, given the proximity of the area to woodland (Thirteen itself passes through a wooded area) and the abundance of greenery throughout the park. However, the overall design of Ug Land changed little, with the major change being the use of darker colours and the addition of "creeping" branches designed to give the effect of the forest "taking over".

The queue line winds around the back of the Rita rollercoaster, adjacent to the woods. Several theming elements are featured in the waiting area, including tombstones and a mysterious abandoned van. On peak days and during the Scarefest Halloween events, "wraith" characters sometimes lurk alongside waiting guests to add to the atmosphere.

The station itself is themed around a spooky crypt, with darkened lighting and foreboding music creating an intense atmosphere. Boarding the ride is fast, with a simple lap restraint being used to hold guests in place.

On leaving the station, Thirteen banks to the left and enters the main lift hill. After the first drop, the train enters a series of "bunny hops" which provide riders with a bit of "airtime", before twisting and turning through a wooded area. It then enters the crypt itself, where a secretive "world's first" element is hosted. After exiting this section, the ride briefly travels backwards before the train is launched back into the station.


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