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    Genie+ Lightning Lane SOLD OUT For Two Consecutive Days At Walt Disney World!

    We heard in mid-October that the cost of Genie+ Lightning Lane service at Walt Disney World will now vary based on the date you are visiting. The lowest price for Genie+ will remain at $15 for less busy days, with the maximum cost now rising to $22 (plus tax) per person per day. However, it already seems that Disney is pushing this maximum price higher.

    For the first time ever at Walt Disney World, Genie+ Lightning Lane was sold out at all parks on February 19. Genie+ also sold out on February 20. This was not unexpected being the holiday weekend but shows that Disney is only limiting the sales of Genie+ Lightning Lane in extreme cases.

    It was reported that Genie+ Lightning Lane saw the highest price of $29 per person on Monday, November 21. The increase in pricing for Genie+ Lightning Lane certainly doesn’t seem to be putting guests off from purchasing it. We expect as a result of this that the cost of Genie+ Lightning Lane will likely continue to increase further and further as Disney fans continue to pay whatever price necessary to secure Fastpass assess to their favorite rides.

    Disney said that moving to a variable-dated system enables them to better control the demand. From reports online, there have already been a number of days which have seen Genie+ Lightning Lane hitting what was the originally proposed top price of $22 (plus tax) per person. 

    It is clearly an exceptionally busy time at Walt Disney World due to Thanksgiving but if this service, on some days, may now cost you $29 per person per day, it means that you will nearly be paying double what you once were when the service cost $15 per person! For a family of four that would be $116 per day compared to $60. This also doesn’t include the increased cost if you are wanting to purchase an Individual Lightning Lane.

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    It will be interesting to see if the approximately 50% take up of Genie+ Lightning Lane which was reported earlier in the year continues as these prices continue to increase at Walt Disney World. Let us know your thoughts by voting in our recent poll below or by leaving us a comment on this article or on our Facebook page. 

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