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    Full Track Testing Has Been Spotted On Velocicoaster At Universal Studios Florida

    The hype around Velocicoaster, this eagerly awaited ride at Universal Studios Florida, continues to build as construction progress appears to still be moving at lightning speed. The original plan was for this new attraction to open in early 2021 and although there is uncertainty as to whether this will come to fruition due to COVID-19, Universal are definitely not taking their foot off the accelerator with this project.

    Midwaymayhem posted a brief video clip on Instagram of Velocicoaster as it made a full test run of the track. This is extremely exciting to see and gives us more hope that Universal are indeed still planning a 2021 opening.

    With so many developments on this ride happening daily, thecoasterkings.com have posted another photo update from the park showing the latest updates.

    All the walls along the waterside have now been constructed and extra palm trees and rocks have been added by the water. The landscaping is really taking shape now and the sheer amount of greenery that has been added in the last week is very impressive. 

    The bridge is now open which has great views of the construction work going on and it looks like the walkways in front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center will be the ride’s entrance. Guests should be able to get an amazing look at the exciting top hat element as they enter the attraction.

    Jurassic Park Coaster, James Peters
    Image: James Peters

    If you are going to Universal Studios Florida anytime soon and want to get a good look at the Velocicoaster, head to the Three Broomsticks terrace.

    We will keep you posted on further developments on Velocicoaster and you can let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook Page.