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    First-EVER Dragon Ball Z Theme Park Is Coming! What Other Franchises Could We See?

    Dragon Ball Z Park

    Prepare to power up your excitement as a new era dawns for fans of the legendary Dragon Ball Z franchise! Saudi Arabia is set to unveil an electrifying addition to its growing investment into an entertainment powerhouse located in the newly formed Qiddiya.

     The Dragon Ball Z theme park is set to be built as the first ever. As we delve into the excitement of this new park, we will also explore a few other franchises that we hope to see come to life in their own theme park. 

    Power Up Your Inner Super Saiyan

    The Dragon Ball Z theme park was recently announced by the Qiddiya Investment Company. This is the same company responsible for Six Flags Qiddiya City which is currently under construction and will feature the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster with Falcon’s Flight

    The goal of creating this new entertainment district is to increase tourism, and the district is set to cover over 500 square meters. Many outside of Saudi Arabia lack excitement for the district, however, due to human rights policies.

    Dragon Ball Z Park

    The Dragon Ball Z Park is set to feature seven distinctly theme areas set to iconic places from the anime franchise containing such locations as Kame House, Beeru’s Planet, and Capsule Corp. It will house more than thirty attractions including five that are said to be “world firsts.”

    The icon of the park, however, will be the 230-foot tall Shenron dragon that will house a roller coaster that is set to the highest roller coaster in the world. Fans will also be able to stay in decorated hotels and dine at themed restaurants. 

    Dragon Ball Z Park

    The announcement of the Dragon Ball Z theme park, in addition to the Pokémon theme park coming to Japan brings the question of what other iconic franchises should be brought to life with their own theme park. 

    Other Franchises That Could Make Immersive Parks

    The first franchise that comes to mind is Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. This franchise is seeing a popularity renaissance with the recent release of a live-action Netflix series. It has also remained popular with die-hard fans. 

    The series features benders of the elements including air, water, earth, and fire. The possibilities of attractions and theming around this franchise are endless from sky bison riding to a pyrotechnical fire “bending” show. 

    Avatar The Last Airbender


    Minecraft is another franchise that remains popular among both children and adults. The popular game features a pixilated world made of blocks that would make for one of the most immersive theme parks. The park could feature experiences such as building your own character, a minecart roller coaster, or building challenges for guests to compete in. 


    Finally, a couple of other popular open-world gaming franchises offer countless possibilities for wonderous lands and locations, though they may not be as family-friendly. In an Elder Scrolls theme park guests would explore the continent of Tamriel. 

    The park would feature iconic elements from the games including magic, monsters, and dragons. What an amazing experience fans would have if they could ride a dragon across Skyrim. The Fallout franchise also offers many possibilities for apocalyptic locations such as Boston, Las Vegas, or Appalachia. There is even a built-in theme park within the game called Nuka World. 

    As Goku, Vegeta, and the iconic warriors of the Dragon Ball universe come to life in a fusion of immersive experiences, fans worldwide can eagerly anticipate the adrenaline-fueled adventures awaiting them in this franchise and others that may soon come to life as well.