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    Fire Breaks Out On Harmonious Barge Following Show

    UPDATE October 21 – It has been reported that after last night’s performance of Harmonious, one of the fireworks barges caught fire. The fire was eventually extinguished after response teams arrived at approximately 9:55PM. Although there have been other cases when smaller fires have broken out following Harmonious, they have not been seen on this scale before.

    We await news of whether this incident will impact on Harmonious tonight, we will keep you updated on this. We heard at the D23 Expo that Harmonious will be replaced by a new nighttime spectactular in 2023 to celebrate the 100 years of Wonder Celebration, meaning we could finally see the taking out of the controversial barges which for many Disney fans would be a welcome sight to see. 

    August 16 – The nighttime show, Harmonious, debuted at EPCOT on September 29, 2021. Back when Harmonious was first announced there was talk from Creative Portfolio Executive, Zach Riddley about a daytime show as well as the nighttime one. Well, little has been said about this proposed project since then.

    At the end of September 2021 it was reported in an interview that Disney was “still working on” the daytime show but no further details have been given. There have been sightings of the fountains working during the day on a few occasions since then which has given us hope that something could be announced in the future. On August 13, a guest posted a photo online of the fountains working in the day.

    This leads us to speculate that Disney may be testing the fountains for a possible day time show. It may also mean that they were just testing them and still no day time show is planned.

    Things at Walt Disney World are certainly back to the most normal they have been since the COVID-19 shut downs of March 2020. With the EPCOT transformation in full swing, surely this is the right time for Disney to finally put something together for the barges to entertain guests in the day time. We are very hopeful that there will be news soon and we will keep a close look out for further day time testing at EPCOT in the coming weeks.

    We will keep you posted with updates on our news and Facebook page. What would you like to see in a daytime show at EPCOT?