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10 Crazy (And Adorable) Things You Totally Did as a Disney Kid

If you grew up as a Disney kid, what were some of the goofy things you (probably) did during a visit to Disney parks? Even if you didn’t, you might hold some similar memories. Here are a few that stand out to us…

HOW IT WORKS: 9 Real, Screen-Free, In-Your-Face Physical Effects... And How the Magic's Made

Today, we've collected just a handful of some of the physical effects we love... true, practical, in-your-face effects that leave guests recoiling, ducking, shrieking, or just staring in awe as no screen can.

I Didn't Expect to Enjoy Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway. Here's Why This Charming Ride Won A Skeptic Over.

Sometimes, being proven wrong can prove great fun… I’ve loved Walt Disney World for over thirty years, enjoying many adventures at the Most Magical Place on Earth from my early childhood to life as an adult writing about Disney parks. Despite the special place in my heart for Disney, I have to

Yep, THAT'S Disney Now... 10 Surprising IPs Coming Soon to Disney+... and Maybe Disney Parks

CONTENT IS KING - that was the title of a 1996 editorial by Bill Gates, who wrote that the Internet would disrupt entertainment in a way unmatched since the home television a half-century earlier. He reflected that in television, "the long-term winners were those who used the medium to deliver

Frankenclaus: A Case for the Universal Christmas

It doesn’t take a vacation to notice that Disney and Christmas go together like milk and cookies. Universal, the studio that horror built, is a stranger fit.

Roller Coasters Themed to... Roller Coasters? Do These 5 "Bare, Steel" Coasters Destroy Disney & Universal's Immersive Lands?

Story, story story. If you ask just about anyone at Walt Disney Imagineering or Universal Creative, you'll pretty consistently hear that absolutely nothing is more important than story.

The Highly-Anticipated 2020 Coasters That Became 2021 Coasters...

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was an unexpected year for the theme park industry. With COVID-19 shutting down parks across the world, the majority of new-for-2020 coasters were pushed back due to constraints in funds, labor, and safety.

There Are Some Real Benefits to Visiting Walt Disney World Right Now...

It’s hard not to assume Walt Disney World is only for certain types of people…

What to Expect at Disney's Hollywood Studios Right Now, Pre-Holiday Edition

​ One year after the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has become a very different park.

The Imagineering “Bucket List:” 16 Must-See Disney Parks Attractions Worth Daydreaming About

add our “bucket list” picks to your list of rides worth daydreaming about… and maybe one day, booking a flight for.

The Forgotten Charms of Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour

There will never be another Walt Disney World Quest and that’s a genuine shame. We could all stand to drift a Doom Buggy, now more than ever.

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