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7 Crazy Things People Still Believe About Walt Disney World

Despite being one of the top travel destinations on the planet, Walt Disney World in Florida still remains the subject of many popular misconceptions.

The 5 Most Important Rules of Walt Disney World Monorail, Bus, and Ferry Etiquette

Walt Disney World’s transportation system is every bit as impressive as the New York City Subway, and it also has its own set of rules for etiquette that help keep everyone sane. Whether it’s your first time to the Vacation Kingdom or your 50th, you’ve probably seen someone violate these rules and drive you just a little bit crazy.

JURASSIC PARK: THE RIDE – Inside Universal Studios' Extinct River Ride... and its Epic Evolution

“Time… the ever-flowing river. Come with us now to a time before Man, when the river flowed through a newborn world and giants walked the Earth...”

6 Florida Attractions Disney Fans Will Love-- And None Are Theme Parks!

We gathered six of the top central Florida attractions that aren’t theme parks (or beaches) that Disney fans will love, as well as a few runners up. How many of these have you been to?

What Is B-Mode and Why Should You Care?

Did you know that some of Disney's best rides don't work right? Yes, attractions grow more complex each year, and when something goes wrong with one of them, park officials face a difficult decision. Should they shut down the ride and disappoint loyal guests? Or should they operate the rides in a

Think You Know These 16 Extra Iconic On-Ride Quotes By Heart?

Earlier this year, we gave you a challenge: to see if you could recognize and identify 16 Iconic Ride Dialogue Lines We Bet You Know By Heart… and whaddaya know? You did! From unforgettable safety spiels to bilingual announcements; classic narration to beloved pre-shows, it turned out that lots of

5 Disney Things Everyone Daydreams About at Work

There are a select few out there who live close enough to Walt Disney World that they are able to visit the property whenever they need an escape from the real world – even if that’s every weekend. The rest of us, however, must pick our spots, often having to save up for months and even years to afford the time off and transit down to the Vacation Kingdom. So, instead, we daydream.

If You've Been on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, You May Have Just Helped Save the Star Wars Galaxy

Here's the full story of how you helped save the galaxy with a mere visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World…

Is DVC Still Worth the Money?

Is DVC still worth the money? Read on to find out…

Rest In Pieces: Parting Words to The Awesome (and Awful) Rides We Lost in the 2010s

In the 2010s, we bid adieu to no less than 20 once-ambitious attractions. Some went out in a blaze of glory; others, a wimpering spark of a doomed fire.

“Just Open The Line!” “Make It FastPass Only!” Nope. Here’s why Rise of the Resistance’s Boarding Groups Are Here to Stay... 

We’ve all seen it on Facebook, Twitter, or Disney Parks discussion boards: “Just open the line!” “Make it FastPass only!” Would it really be that easy?

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