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A McDisney Production: The History of McDonald's and Disney's Decade-Long Partnership

From World War I to the Disney Decade, the story of how Disney and McDonald’s would come together for their “McDisney Production” is quite an interesting one.

Good Movie, Bad Ride: Weird Big Screen Attraction Adaptations at Disney & Universal Parks

Just because you pick a good, revered, classic, or award-winning movie, you’re not guaranteed a good, revered, classic, or award-winning ride will come out the other end

Bursting the "Disney Bubble": The End of Magical Express and How You'll Get to the Resort After It's Gone

Here's the story on Magical Express and its end, plus how you'll be getting to Disney World come 2022.

6 Hidden Gems to Put on Your Post-Pandemic Bucket List

Ready to explore again? Check out these often-overlooked amusement parks!

Bucket List Parks: Energylandia

This European park is not the largest on the continent. It does not boast the most coasters, nor the most diverse lineup. This park is new, just shy of seven years on the scene in an already cramped and confused theme park industry. So why is it a bucket list park?

5 Newly Acquired Sci-Fi Characters That Might Have a Future at Disney Parks

An overview of iconic Sci-Fi franchises now owned by Disney – Alien, Planet of the Apes, Predator, Independence Day and The X Files – and their iconic characters and/or creatures that could appear at Disney Parks, including some thought as to how the more R-rated ones might be re-appropriated for families.

Construction is Picking Up Again for TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom...

It looks like construction has picked up again on Magic Kingdom’s TRON Lightcycle Power Run…

WHAT IF... Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Became a Twilight Zone Ride? Here's Our Idea... What's Yours?

In this new Theme Park Tourist mini-series, we invite you to "Blue Sky" with us, and to reimagine a ride that could use a refresh.

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