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These 5 “Gimmicks” USED To Be Theme Park Must-Sees. Now, They’re EVERYWHERE

Once upon a time, theme parks were showcases of the unthinkable. From Walt’s New Tomorrowland of zipping, gliding Monorails to EPCOT’s Future World of technologies merely dreamed of, the spirit of innovation and invention has always been at the heart of Disney Parks. Highways. Circlevision

The 4 Biggest Theme Park Challenges Facing Bob Chapek

Passionate Disney Parks fans grumbled about Chapek’s management of the theme parks over the years, but for the majority of Disney Watchers, all Chapek would need to do is continue on autopilot for a few years while he found his footing. Now, all of that is out the window.

Hooray For Hollywood East: 6 Leftovers From Orlando's Studio Days

In the late 1980s, Disney and Universal spent a combined $1 billion on production facilities and infrastructure to turn Orlando into Hollywood East.

One Orlando Theme Park Has ZERO Rides Left From Its Opening Day... Here's Each Park's "Living Legend" Count

Here at Theme Park Tourist, we're always looking to see our favorite theme parks in new ways. That's why we reported (and continuously update) a number of sometimes-surprising features that just may have you seeing Disney and Universal parks differently...

Cooped Up at Home? Join Us in Dreaming of These 10 Mouth-Watering Theme Park Meals We're Missing Already!

in the first week of COVID-19 related closures for the world's major theme parks, we're suddenly longing to not just step into our favorite stories and worlds, but to dine in those decadent, immersive, delicious, world-building restaurants they contain...

5 Simple Spots Where Disney Could Expand Its Orlando Parks

Walt Disney World is expanded all the time, and when the time comes for new rides, shows, and lands, Disney usually follows a master plan that readies certain areas for new construction months and years ahead of time. Sometimes, we can divine what these areas might be from satellite imagery or simple logic.

Retro Rewind: The Lost History of Walt Disney World's Super Weird VHS Vacation Tapes

Enduring this crash course in Video Home System history is my scenic route to saying A Dream Called Walt Disney World is weird.

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