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Coaster Craze: Why More Theme Parks Are Focusing On Family-Friendly Thrills

It seems more theme parks are aiming to create thrilling coasters that guests young and old can enjoy. Let's look at why this focus on family-friendly coasters is helping to create a better overall theme park experience.

The Age of RMC: 6 Cutting Edge, 21st Century Coaster Icons... And a Peek Into What RMC's Cooking Up Next...

Rocky Mountain Construction. The very name leaves coaster enthusiasts gushing, ranking, and daydreaming. Here are six landmark RMCs of the past and present and then two high profile projects that lay just over the horizon...

The 8 New Roller Coasters Coming In 2024!

From heart-pounding thrills to family-friendly fun, 8 new roller coasters have been announced that are set to delight guests in 2024. Which one are you most excited for?

REDEFINING THRILLS: How Rocky Mountain Construction Revolutionized The World Of Roller Coasters

RMC has become synonymous with groundbreaking achievements in the roller coaster industry. RMC's journey from a modest start-up to an industry leader has been marked by innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of thrill rides. Let's see how they did it...

Roller Coaster Redemption: How These Once-Despised Rides Became Beloved Thrills

Cedar Point is currently working to reinvent one of its most infamous coasters, however, they aren't the first to do so. Let's check out other coasters who overcame their flaws to become some of the most improved coasters in the country...

Beyond The Rides: 15 Of The Best Entertainment Offerings At Theme Parks In Summer 2023!

From swashbuckling water shows to nighttime spectaculars, here are some of the best theme park shows you won't want to miss when you visit this summer...

5 Of The Best Theme Parks To Visit In Winter

Our list of some of the best theme parks to visit in the winter may surprise you!

Halloween 2022: Breakdown Of Events at Theme Parks Across the US

We have put together a listing of all the spook-tacular events going on at theme parks across the United States...!

5 Hybrid Roller Coasters To Add To Your Bucket List

In honor of the record-breaking Iron Gwazi, here are 5 of the best hybrid coasters.

8 Best Theme Parks in the Midwest

Many of the best parks in the country are far away from the coasts.

These Are the Wildest Wooden Roller Coasters on Earth. Could You Conquer Them?

Wooden roller coasters. The very idea may strike fear into the heart of some thrill ride enthusiasts.

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