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"Paid FastPass By Any Other Name..." Which International Disney Resort's Line-Skipping Service Do YOU Think is Best?

We take a whirlwind tour of the six Disney Resorts on Earth to see the unique line-skipping system at each. Which do you think is the best?

9 Unused Characters That Disney NEED To Bring To Meet and Greets

With traditional meet and greets having returned to Walt Disney World and Disneyland on April 18th, here are some character experiences we would love to see in the future…

How Will Pixar's Lightyear Translate into Disney Parks?

Do you think the new Disney Pixar film 'Lightyear' will fit into Disney theme parks? Let's find out...

We DO Talk About Encanto Coming To The Disney Parks

This is how we see Encanto being incorporated in the Disney parks...

Everything We Know So Far About Shanghai Disneyland's Zootopia

Let's talk about the new land that's coming to life at Shanghai Disneyland Resort. Here's everything we know about the 'real' Zootopia...

The Best Rides Based on Classic Disney Movies

Here's our list of the best attractions based on classic Disney animated movies - CGI isn't welcome here!

BATTLE OF THE LANDS – Which Tomorrowland is THE Tomorrowland? Here's Our Winner...

Let's get ready to rumble! Today, we're launching a brand new mini-series, Theme Park Tourist's "Battle of the Lands"! In each entry, we'll zoom into one of Disney's "Castle Park" classics and look at every version of it across the world. Picture it like this: if you were going to build a perfect

Comparing Kingdoms: The Ultimate Diagram of Disney's "Castle Park" Ride Lineups, Overlaps, & Exclusives

What makes each "Castle Park" special? What makes each worth visiting on its own? What does it have that no other "Castle Park" does?

The 6 Marvel Attractions Every Fan MUST Experience

H ere are some of the best Marvel experiences throughout Disney Parks

Which of These Characters Made for Disney’s Overseas Parks Do YOU Think Should Come to America?

We wanted to put a new spin on our look at how many cool characters can spring from the minds of Imagineers – characters you may never have even seen in person, because they exist only at Disney’s parks outside the United States! From one-off creations to inhabitants of expanded universes, these characters were created just for Disney’s overseas parks. The question is, which – if any – would you like to see come to the American parks, and how?

Disney+ Has an Impressive Lineup of Shows for Disney Theme Park Fans

Eager to get your Disney parks fix from the comfort of your home? Here are the top ten gems we found on Disney+ for fans of every type…

Construction is Picking Up Again for TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom...

It looks like construction has picked up again on Magic Kingdom’s TRON Lightcycle Power Run…

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