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Wet 'n Mild: 6 Underrated Ways to Beat the Central Florida Heat

Summer is fast approaching in Central Florida and that means one thing - ice cream melting at speeds previously thought impossible. With most of the covid restrictions pulled or in-process, the parks will soon look like mouse-eared moshpits once again. There’s always Dole Whip, Freestyle machines

6 Disney-Level Details and Quiet Corners To Discover at Universal's Islands of Adventure

We hope you’ll have at least one item to add to your Islands of Adventure “scavenger hunt” after reading about these off-the-beaten-path extras you may never have thought to explore…

A History of King Kong at Universal Parks

This looks at King Kong-themed attractions, old and current, at Universal Orlando and Hollywood: Kongfrontation (Orlando), Kongfrontation/King Kong Encounter (Hollywood), King Kong 360 3-D and Skull Island: Reign of Kong. Would also look at comparisons between Peter Jackson’s Skull Island and the version in the MonsterVerse franchise, deciding which is better suited to a theme park.

Universal Studios Escape: An Advertising Cautionary Tale

Such is the unique tragedy of Universal Studios Escape, a cautionary tale of bad branding and worse timing.

8 Most Magical Spells To Cast in the Wizarding World (and TWO You May Not Know About…)

Believe it or not, there are (at least) two totally secret spells in the Wizarding World, neither marked on the map or by a spell-casting medallion. Technically, your best bet for getting them right is to ask a resident of Diagon Alley for help. But here’s a hint…

Universal Orlando Is Sitting on FIVE Permanently-Closed Theaters! What Could They Become?

Today we've collected a list of FIVE completely empty venues at Universal Orlando, permanently closed (most before the pandemic) and just waiting for something new!

WHAT IF… Disney’s “Scariest Attraction Ever” Was Reborn… at Universal Orlando? Here’s Our Pitch...

Every day, themed entertainment designers ask themselves and each other the same question: "What if?" In the so-called "Blue Sky" phase of design, there's no limit; no capacity; no technology; no budget. The idea is to dream big and let reality hem in the project's scope later. In this new Theme

Growth is Universal: 6 Spots for the Resort's Next Big Thing

Though possible IPs are a complete guessing game and most attempts at speculation sound like throwing darts in a Blockbuster, it’s easier to narrow down exactly where the next big things might go.

Good Movie, Bad Ride: Weird Big Screen Attraction Adaptations at Disney & Universal Parks

Just because you pick a good, revered, classic, or award-winning movie, you’re not guaranteed a good, revered, classic, or award-winning ride will come out the other end

DARK ORLANDO: The Best (and WORST) of Central Florida’s Dark Rides

In this feature, we’ll list our choices for the best and worst Central Florida dark rides of some common types (like trackless, flume, and motion-based).

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