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Ready to explore again? Check out these often-overlooked amusement parks!

8 Best Theme Parks in the Midwest

Many of the best parks in the country are far away from the coasts.

7 INSANE Attractions You Need to Add to Your Bucket List RIGHT Now!

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Eat these 12 signature theme park foods if you want to enjoy the best of the best.

The 7 Most Beautiful Theme Parks in the United States

Not every aspect of an amusement park vacation is predicated upon the rides. Sometimes, you want to relax and enjoy the scenery.

12 MORE Underdog Theme Parks Stuck In Disney's Shadow

A little while ago, we shared a list of 12 Underdog Parks Stuck in Disney’s Shadow. Our intention was to highlight some of the lesser-known parks that simply get overlooked thanks to the massive budgets and advertising of Disney and Universal’s mega-resorts. The response was enormous, with readers

3 Things You Need to Know About 2015's Most Innovative New Roller Coaster

66 days at sea have lead to an extraordinary creature of the skies. Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana is unique among amusement parks. The family owned and operated park began from humble roots, and continues to stand out among its competitors by offerings free Wifi, free soft drinks, free

The Top 50 New Theme Park Rides and Attractions Opening in 2014

2014 promises to be a big year for the world's theme parks. Take a look at 50 new rides and attractions that will be on offer at theme parks across the globe!

20 New Rides and Attractions at US Theme Parks for 2014

There are a host of new rides and attractions coming to US theme parks in 2014. Here's a round-up of what's in store!

The Top 10 Longest Roller Coasters in the World

Theme Park Tourist's guide to the 10 longest roller coasters in the world.

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