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25 Years Ago, All of These Disney Parks Projects Were Cancelled. Here’s What Could’ve Been.

Today, celebrations are in full swing for Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary! The biggest and most ambitious of Michael Eisner's big and ambitious projects, EuroDisneyland changed everything... and that's not necessarily a good thing. When Paris' finances faltered and the overbuilt resort went belly-up in 1992, Eisner became wary of any large-scale investment, leading to these crippling Cancellations, Closures, and Cop-Outs. Imagine what would've been...

These 10 Classic Disney Rides Have Amazing "Spiritual Sequels" You Might Not Think About...

Despite not sharing a single setting, story, or common character, classic Disney Parks rides around the globe are nonetheless connected to "spiritual sequels" sharing their elements, themes, and styles. Subtle successors, these must-see ride relationships allow new attractions to be born from timeless tropes. Which of these "spiritual sequels" would you most like to ride?

From the Earth to the Moon: Launching Disneyland Paris’ Legendary Lost Space Mountain

LOST LEGENDS: Space Mountain – De la Terre à la Lune: Prepare for blast-off as we take aim and launch into a fantasy journey from the Earth to the moon! When Imagineers designed Disneyland Paris, they threw out the rulebook and started from scratch to reimagine even classic Disney attractions. The result was the most incredible, inspiring, adventurous Space Mountain on Earth, totally and completely unlike any other ride Disney had ever designed. And now, it's gone. This is the full story.

The Ride Count Countdown: How Disney & Universal Parks Stack Up

The best theme parks are balanced places, where rides, shows, restaurants, stories, walkthroughs, dark rides, and thrills coexist. But when it comes to your favorite can't-miss, must-see theme park experiences, chances are that rides make up the bulk of the list. How many rides does your favorite Disney or Universal park really have, though? Which resorts have the most sheer rides? The numbers may surprise you...

From Box Office Bomb to Blockbuster: The Cinematic Story of Walt Disney Studios Paris

DISASTER FILES: Walt Disney Studios Park: It's the smallest Disney Park on Earth with the fewest attractions worth seeing. The second gate meant to bring Disneyland Paris back from the brink of destruction instead only sent the resort's finances tumbling again. Today, we dissect the unbelievable story of Disney's "worst park ever" and the staggering, depressing experience of a walkthrough in its earliest days.

Star Tours: The Stellar Story Behind the Ride That Changed Disney Parks Forever

LOST LEGENDS: Star Tours: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... A new CEO had a radical plan to make Disney Parks into modern thrill destinations where guests could "ride the movies!" Today, we'll take a turbulent tour through the incredible behind-the-scenes story of the ride that changed Disney Parks forever. Star Tours announces the boarding of the Endor Express. All passengers, prepare for immediate boarding. Lightspeed to Endor!

6 Lesser-Known Attractions Every Theme Park Fan Should Experience at Least Once

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the hidden gems that populate parks you should have on your travel bucket list.

7 Disney Movies That Are Grossly Underrepresented at the Theme Parks

Let's indulge in a little armchair Imagineering real fast and take a look at some of Disney's most famous films that haven't quite made an impression at Disney parks.

5 Attractions from Non-Disney Parks that Would Fit In Well at Walt Disney World

Universal isn't the only non-Disney place that features such well-designed attractions. In fact, there are some scattered all across the globe – attractions that, frankly, would fit in perfectly well at any of the Disney Parks.

The Top 50 Theme Parks in the World

Theme Park Tourist's guide to the 50 most popular theme parks in the world. How many of the globe's best parks have you visited?

25 Incredible New Theme Park Attractions Opening in 2016

Take a look at 25 of the most unique and incredible new theme park experiences coming in 2016.

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