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5 Cheap Tricks That Disney Plays on its Theme Park Visitors

Disney's theme park attractions are some of the most expensive ever built. But some of the special effects used within theme are surprisingly low-tech...

10 Fascinating Ways to go Behind the Scenes at Disney Theme Parks

Operating Disney's chain of hugely popular theme parks is a challenging undertaking - and you can find out what goes on behind the scenes by taking one of these fascinating tours.

8 Ingenious Ways That Disney Theme Parks Shield You From the Real World

When you visit a Disney theme park, you're entering a protected fantasy world. Here are 8 ingenious methods that the company uses to shield you from the real world outside the gates.

10 Big Ways That Disney Theme Parks Have Changed Since 1955

Disneyland first opened in July 1955. Since then, there have been some BIG changes to Disney's theme parks...

The History of Disney Theme 130 Classic Photos

Join us on a journey through six decades of Disney theme park history, brought to life in 130 classic photographs.

From Barren Swampland to Walt Disney World in 60 Incredible Photos

In the late 1960s, Disney acquired 25,000 acres of barren swampland in Florida. Over the next four decades, the company transformed it into the world's leading theme park resort. It wasn't an easy job. Miles and miles of drainage canals were built, millions of trees, shrubs and other plants were

The Hidden Secrets of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando

It's easy to miss the little details at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Use our extensive guides to make sure that you don't miss the fun "hidden secrets" strewn around the resorts' theme parks!

10 Mind-Boggling Statistics About Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the most popular theme park resort in the world, and operates on a scale unlike any other. Here are 10 incredible statistics about the resort.

The 6 Coolest Disney Cast Member Jobs

Jobs at Disney's theme parks are highly sought-after, but some are more attractive than others. Here are 6 jobs that carry the "cool factor".

The Top 5 Things Disney Cast Members Are NOT Allowed To Do

Cast Member positions at Disney theme parks are highly sought-after. However, once employed, Cast Members must stick to some pretty strict guidelines. For Disney, it's all about maintaining a great "guest experience". Since the early days of Disneyland, when Walt Disney himself walked the streets of

Weekly Orlando Theme Parks Rumor and Refurbs Update (November 30, 2013)

This is the weekly rumor and refurbishment update for Orlando-area theme parks for the week of November 24, 2013.Walt Disney World:Magic Kingdom:New bus stops at the Magic Kingdom opened on November 24, 2013, bringing the total to thirty-four stops. The new bus stops are replacing the ones currently

The Magical Bucket List #3 - Fly over Walt Disney World

In the previous installment of our series looking at unusual and amazing experiences at Disney theme park resorts, we suggested heading underground at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Now, why not soar above the resort? It's possible to take an aerial tour over Walt Disney World, as well as many

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