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Buzz Lightyear's Dark Ride is OUT in Tokyo. Do You Want Its "Wreck-It Ralph" Replacement to Come to the U.S.?

Is it time for Buzz Lightyear to blast off to make room for Ralph or should Disney drop their laser blasters altogether and try something new with Tomorrowland?

Which Disney Park Should You Visit Based On Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album? Here's Our Match-Up...

Swift's albums range from down-home teen country idol to domineering radio pop; from singer-songwriter laments to stadium-shaking EDM-infused anthems. Which Disney theme park best aligns to your favorite Taylor Swift album?

The Turbulent Life of Disneyland's PeopleMover and the Rocket Rods

Here is the turbulent history of Disneyland's PeopleMover and the Rocket Rods...

Dark Park History: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

In today’s age, rides are safer than ever thanks to technological advances, but they’re also much safer due to learning from mistakes recorded in previous accidents...

Announced-and-Abandoned: 6 Disney Parks Rides, Lands, and Parks That Got the Green Light... Until They Didn't.

Today we'll explore several high profile projects – from rides to lands to entire theme parks – that were officially announced... before quietly disappearing from the docket.

Should Dinosaur Become Another Disneyland Clone?

It has been confirmed, that Tropical Americas will replace Dinoland USA soon. Should Dinosaur become an Indiana Jones clone or a different concept entirely?

Disney's Newest Avatar Plans Might Make the Same Mistakes as Galaxy's Edge... Here's Why

Here's why Disney's newest Avatar plans might make the same mistakes as Galaxy's Edge, do you agree?

Would YOU Pay For a "Disney Prime" Subscription With These Perks...?

Will Disney look to capitalize on fans' brand loyalty with a whole new kind of subscription? If they do, how much would you pay for perks from the Mouse House's subscription program?

Exploring The Best Autism-Friendly Theme Parks in the United States

Theme parks are a fun and exciting experience. However, for those with autism or other cognitive disabilities, a visit to a theme park can be overwhelming. More and more parks are implementing autism-friendly initiatives, and here are a few of the best.

THE PRICE OF INNOVATION: 4 of the Most Expensive Theme Park Mistakes!

Theme Parks and ride manufacturers are continuously aiming to push the boundaries when it comes to new and exciting attractions. Yet, what happens when that push doesn't pay off?

Sleeping Beauty Castle: A Fairytale Icon at the Heart of Disneyland

Here we embark on a journey through the history, design, and profound significance of Sleeping Beauty Castle as the emblematic centerpiece of Disneyland...

Galaxy's Edge Is Getting a Tune-Up... Here's How Disney is Slowly Transforming Its Billion Dollar Star Wars Land

There are countless reasons why the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge that we got didn't quite resonate the way Disney hoped. Let's list a few of the major ones and also the ways Disney has been trying to fix it...

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