Camp Snoopy

Last year, Kings Island announced that they would be adding a new family coaster and a new area called Camp Snoopy. Camp Snoopy was said to include a new play area for children, the new coaster, Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers, and act as an expansion to the already popular Planet Snoopy children’s area. 

This reporter had a chance to visit Kings Island and the new Camp Snoopy area and it was both impressive and disappointing. Let’s explore the new Camp Snoopy at Kings Island. 

The New Camp Snoopy

First, the icon attraction in this area is surely the new family coaster, Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers. This family coaster reaches speeds of 36 miles per hour as it whizzes through the track and up a spike, then returning through the track again backward. It is a short but fun ride. You may even be able to convince some of the older kids in your family to hop on it. The theming and landscaping around the new attraction is great and it fits into the Camp Snoopy aesthetic flawlessly. 

The next new addition is the Beagle Scout Acres area. This area includes plenty of room for kids to run around and play. There is small playground equipment including slides and a small rock wall for younger children to enjoy while shaded under a large roof. This area was touted to include several interactive elements, and while it provides a great area for small children, it seems to be lacking in unique interactive activities. 

Beagle Scout Acres
Image: Kings Island

There are three attractions previously in Plant Snoopy that have received some new theming to incorporate them into Camp Snoopy. The first is Flying Ace Arial Chase. This family-friendly suspended coaster is now called Woodstock’s Air Rail and it received a new coat of paint and landscaping to go along with its new mail-delivery theme. 

The second attraction that was changed is Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown. The small log flume attraction has been renamed Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride and it also received a new coat of paint and theming including a new sign designating Camp Snoopy’s Boat House. Finally, Woodstock Glider’s was changed to Franklin’s Flyers, and it is also receiving some new landscaping, signage, and some TLC. 

Linus’ Launcher is also included in the Camp Snoopy area, however it did not receive a name change. It did receive some new signage over its entrance though to fit in with the Camp Snoopy theme. A new dining location was also added. Pigpen’s Mess Hall sits near Beagle Scout Acres and provides several picnic tables for eating. The food includes kid-friendly camping-themed options like hot dogs and smores brownies. 

Unfortunate Contract Between Areas

The theming and attraction in Camp Snoopy blend together seamlessly. It provides fun attractions and activities for children, and an area where adults can slow things down from the fast-paced coasters throughout the rest of Kings Island. The area was clean, beautifully painted, and included perfect landscaping. 

Kings Island Maps
Images: Kings Island

However, one disappointing factor that this reporter noticed was that it was somewhat hard to distinguish where Camp Snoopy ended and Planet Snoopy began. The only way to really tell was the lack of care that the attractions and landscaping in Planet Snoopy received versus the attractions and landscaping in the Camp Snoopy area.

Many of the attractions in Planet Snoopy are in need of some paint updates as they are looking worn, especially in contrast to all of the attractions in Camp Snoopy which look brand new (even those that are over 20 years old). While Planet Snoopy may not be “run-down” the contrast between the two areas is quite apparent. Camp Snoopy also received new landscaping throughout with new foliage and mulch, while Planet Snoopy has received nothing. Some TLC for Planet Snoopy and more distinction between where each land ends/begins would make one of the best children’s areas at any theme park.

Overall, the land is beautiful, and the attractions are a great time. If you are visiting Kings Island this summer, we highly recommend checking out Camp Snoopy and Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers!


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