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Walt Disney World Resort is a global leader in entertainment and storytelling. With its largest competitor, Universal Orlando Resort opening an incredibly impressive third theme park soon, the possibility of a fifth theme park at Walt Disney World has sparked much speculation. 

Several thematic concepts have been floated amongst fans and enthusiasts, each promising a unique and immersive experience. Three such possibilities include a villain-themed park, a Pixar-themed park, and a sea-themed park. Each of these concepts offers distinct attractions, aesthetics, and narratives that could enhance the magic of Walt Disney World.

Villains-Themed Park

Maleficent Castle
Image: Disney

Previous whispers of a villain-themed park have long stirred fan theories and hopes. Rightfully so, as a villain-themed park offers incredible possibilities. A villain-themed park would cater to the darker side of Disney's rich storytelling heritage, focusing on the iconic antagonists who have shaped many of Disney's most beloved stories.

 A park that would rival the sinister feeling set by Epic Universe’s upcoming Dark Universe land. This park could be divided into various lands, each dedicated to a different Disney villain or set of villains. Imagine wandering through the gothic spires of Maleficent's castle, navigating the shadowy depths of Ursula's underwater lair, or exploring the eerie wastelands ruled by Scar.

Attractions might include thrilling dark rides and coasters, interactive shows that showcase villain schemes, and elaborate walk-through environments that immerse guests in their sinister realms. 

Dining options could feature themed restaurants offering menus inspired by the villains' worlds, such as a poison apple-themed eatery for the Evil Queen or a fine dining experience in Dr. Facilier's New Orleans. This park could also host unique entertainment, like nighttime spectaculars with a darker twist, featuring fireworks and projections centered around villainous themes. 

Pixar-Themed Park

Image: Disney

A Pixar-themed park would celebrate the creativity and emotional storytelling of Pixar Animation Studios. This park could be a colorful and vibrant space, with areas dedicated to different Pixar films. While we already have Andy’s backyard and Toy Story attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this new park could focus on the lands of Cars, Monster’s Inc., A Bugs Life, or the cultural landscapes of Luca or Brave. We have already seen some such lands come to life at Disney’s California Adventure with Pixar Pier and Car’s Land, yet the Pixar animated films offer so much more.

Attractions could include a Monsters Inc. cityscape, where guests can ride a thrilling roller coaster through the doors of the scare factory or a dark ride that could tour Monsters Inc or Monsters University. Additionally, a section themed around The Incredibles could offer high-speed action rides and superhero training experiences. Dining and shopping would align with the playful, family-friendly atmosphere of Pixar films, providing themed eateries such as Massimo’s Italian Eatery and merchandise opportunities.

Sea-Themed Park

Frozen Land
Image: Disney Parks

A fifth Walt Disney World theme park themed to the sea and ports, inspired by Tokyo DisneySea, would offer a spectacular aquatic adventure and perhaps bring some desired lands from other Disney parks to the United States. The park could feature various themed ports, each representing different nautical myths, adventures, and real-world maritime cultures.

Imagine the elegance of a Mediterranean Harbor, complete with gondola rides and stunning architecture, transitioning to the excitement of the fictional South Pacific island of Motunui. A mermaid lagoon might immerse guests in the enchanting world of The Little Mermaid with colorful coral reefs and underwater attractions. 

The park would be rich with water-based attractions, boat rides, and intricate theming, providing a unique blend of adventure, fantasy, and maritime history, capturing the magic of the world's oceans and ports. From Luca’s Italian seaside village to the island of Neverland, the opportunities are nearly endless. We could even see a Frozen-themed land come to the US with the seaside kingdom of Arendelle. 

Each of these potential themes for a fifth park at Walt Disney World Resort—Villains, Pixar, and Sea—offers a unique and compelling vision. Any of these concepts could further cement Walt Disney World as an ultimate destination for immersive, imaginative, and unforgettable experiences, and with Universal Orlando Resort continuing to grow in popularity, it may be needed. 

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